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And we're... Wait for it... Back!
And I have a unified theory of the universe to prove it!
Please... Just... Go read something else for a while.

...Actually, I take that back, read Feta Cheese as if your life depends on it!
Look out for my next comic! I'll be trying out my new art style. My new style is basically my old one, but with a bit more in the way of facial features, notably eyes.

Oh, and ten Murraypoints to who ever can read the freeze frame.
Arthur? I like the name Geifred.
15 Murraypoints to whoever can name the trangle-y fish thing!
I thank Neoseeker Member Weldar for half the idea.
I have more, but they're incomplete/star unintroduced characters.

Made with the DSi's Flipbook hatena.
For the wait, here's a bonus GIF for you to enjoy.
I'm filling in for Big A2.

I'm also using that horrible paper again. What's that? You can't see how it looks any different? Try looking at your screen from an angle.
It makes it look ugly... The same kind of ugly of which should not be adorned by children who inhabit broadcasts. By which I mean: Ugly children shouldn't be allowed on television!
Already Murray and Andrew are starting to become friends. I guess it's true what they say:

Nerds of a controller-sloth together.

I drew this comic in darkness, as a result a few details are off, including the hands (which I can normally draw quite easily).

You may have noticed that my comics are always notorious in size. That's because my scanner is limited to three sizes: Tiny, large, and McDonalds.
The arc is over! We can now move on to witty remarks about games in a not-so-linear fashion!

PS. Quality is rather dippy. The source of the problem? The paper.
What? You DON'T like Sonic Adventure? For shame.

Granted, the original was somewhat lackluster.

I just wish the tournament scene for it still existed... I'd have rocked... So hard.

-The Arc's finale will be done no later than Tuesday.
Note: The quality dipped inexplicably, thanks to an error with Vista.

Rash: Happy-go-lucky character with big dreams.

Sparkle: A scatterbrained dolt, her daughter, Ginger and her brother, Glint, live in the other gardens.

Jeff: A synical Dark Chao who hates both of them.

The arc shall be continued in the week, of course, if you'd checked the news, you'd know that.

PS. It's amazing, I can complete Ice Cap in less than a minute (I use a time freezing glitch right before the snowboarding) yet I can't beat Mission 53! Graah!
Why does George have bacon on his head?
This strip was originally longer... But by the same token, this strip was originally much better drawn... IN MY HEAD!
I'll do the next one, no problem.

I was hoping to do the whole 'C-phiroth' introduction comic, but I'll continue this story arc.
My character, Murray Murphy, makes his appearance.

Just for reference my character's colours are:

Hair: Dirty blond

Shirt: White

Pants: Blue

You've also probably taken note of my art style, and how it differs to Big A2's. Exactly how we'll reflect our styles on one another remains to be seen.
Sooo... Is that phone wireless or not?