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What is wrong with these boys? That drawing is disturbing.
Confusion at its highest. O.o
I have the money for the patreon, but do to some personal feelings from past experiences I probably won't purchase anything from y'all outside of a final product (comic, volumes, merchandise, etc.) Still love the story, and even without the NSFW scenes we're still getting to enjoy your work. That's the best part. Thank you!
Sad to see it go, but glad to see it end at the same time. A lot of stories on here don't make it to their grand finale, and I'm glad you stuck by your comic. The art and story were both wonderful, and I enjoyed reading it beginning to end.
October 21st, 2013
I'd be happy to buy a copy :) I love supporting my favorite authors and artist whenever I can <3
Page 36 and 38 are exact same
second and third favorite so far XD
Strangely....s/he looks very cute in the last panel <3 Pudgy!
I would like to see Raif in a corset too....O///O XD I love Damien even more after reading this!
Aww...I dont take back my comment for her being a jerk, but Madame_Black is right. Sometimes the bullies were the ones bullied first. So sad.....
Um....the jerk was the one beating up on the guy-YOU!

I love your art
@guest....i see the same one wing tattoo from before.....I think that's her

But to that scene I react different. I'd an even crazier person than Ren
Aw,he dropped the artifact (penis!). I still must say though, cute desert thug :3
I like the story, can't wait for more :3 <3
UPDATE! cute! He's "fond" of him! :3 I hope the curse breaks or something. Losing the ability to love someone more than everyone....SO SAD. I wuv ur comic still <3 great plot :)
Mustache! And an update?! I'm so happy~~~:)
That's a first ^

you're back....O.O I want to cry....*goes to the corner to cry* "IT'S A MIRACLE!"
Funny thing was, JUST YESTUERDAY i re-read your comic for no reason...weird
I love this...she's being nice and-DON'T HIT HER WITH A CROW BAR! Give it to her as a gift! :)
UPDATE?! I love you! And THIS PAGE! It'z fun-size!