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What is wrong with these boys? That drawing is disturbing.
Thank you for the quadruple upload! <3 Poor Aoi, what did they do to my little baby T.T
@yasha.queen: Not really team Oni. I dont think any of guys so far suit Aoi, but thats what story development is for. I was really thinking how getting tied to a bed isn't the *worst* that can happen. Especially with how crazy Oni is supposed to be.
Update! Just what I need. I totally dont have an exam this week that I need to study for or I'm probably gonna fail it.
Nope. Not me. 0:-)

@yasha.queen: is it bad i don't see that as a punishement ;P
Really happy with the multiple updates recently. It probably was a lot of hard work to get these out for a while. Love the story progression so far. I really want to know how they know each other too! *bouncing with curiousity*
I don't like the doctor. So mean to little Aoi. YAY ON THE UPDATE! It's also weird for me to realize me and Ren have the same hair now, except mines a deep red. But same cut and length...I don't like this fact. -.-'
Really love the increase in updates! That beginning text bubble tho. Is it bad possessive characters in story are my favorite, but I eventually want to strangle them at the same time? XD
Thank you for the last few updates! Glad to see (read?) the Oni's attitude back. Run Aoi! Run! But dont hurt yourself again >.<
This page is funnier to me because I actually wondered how he moved his arm like thay last page. I've dislocated bones before and you don't just bounce back that quick! XD Guess the Oni is awake now thanks to that scream. Lol
Any second now he's gonna open his eyes and scare the crap out of Aoi
His expression when he's asleep looks like he's annoyed XD It fits him.
Aw, Aoi trying to cover up his tears :) Glad to see this comic up again.
Confusion at its highest. O.o
I have the money for the patreon, but do to some personal feelings from past experiences I probably won't purchase anything from y'all outside of a final product (comic, volumes, merchandise, etc.) Still love the story, and even without the NSFW scenes we're still getting to enjoy your work. That's the best part. Thank you!
Is that an update?
Its an update!
*does happy update dance*

I will consider this a late birthday present for me <3 and accept it with the greatest amount of joy
Sad to see it go, but glad to see it end at the same time. A lot of stories on here don't make it to their grand finale, and I'm glad you stuck by your comic. The art and story were both wonderful, and I enjoyed reading it beginning to end.
T.T 😢 the feels >.< Let me give him a hug
@raikua,they make me worry too! T.T My heart skipped a tiny little beat.

Thank you for the reply @ovicati. Here on smack's "stalking" is considered more as just "intense observation." :D Always watching... O.o And its okay if you can't thank you fans all individually, we know your appreciation now. Can't wait for more!
Another update?! You spoil us! Glad to see the first chapter come to a close. A lot of comics on here give up before this point, which is so sad. But life happens. We've been teased so much in just the first chapter on little pieces of the story (though so much is yet unseen), and I'm excited to see more. As always, the art is well done. I really like the color scheme. I don't see it else where here on this site. I adore it <3
Glad to see another update. Truly enjoying the amazing work!
Always happy to see a new update :D