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I like to laugh.
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Long running joke?
Will he be permanently traumatized by Clefairy now?
Catch the Zubat
and if it's a girl, name it LadyDracula
Demand to see the merchandise before purchase, it will be funny to see logic applied!
And I think Our little Atticus will argue how "Thats not how evolution works". Since pokemon's -evolution- is more like a growth cycle then any evolution. All Pokemon have preset paths, ergo, growth cycle.
Horrible Balloon Face!!!
And so Our hero, feeling guilty after leaving the little girl to face down the swarm of bugs, returns to rescue her.Much to his disdain, seriously now she'll just want to follow him even more.
Sonic provides nothing?
I would think he would provide a large amount of gold rings, ancient gemstones of unfathomable power, close ties to the royal family of an kingdom with a very organized and experienced task force that specialized in espionage against a vastly technologically superior tyrant/mad scientist and several ties to other such groups of equal power and standing.
You guys do realize she's like 4 years younger then him?Trainers start out at age 10,He was kicked out by his mother because he refused to go on an adventure for four years.He's 14, the girl is smaller then him, she's either 10 or 11(12 would be pushing it, but still believable) and I don't know how the Pokemon world reacts to a 14 year old boy traveling with a 10 year old girl, but I can guess how Atticus will react. He'll be annoyed, which will be hilarious! Also I just thought of this, but when she stares at Atty's face I think she thinks he's a veteran Trainer like Ash was.
"So how long have you been traveling, 4 years, 5 years?I'll beat you fight the elite four like crazy!"
"I was kicked out of my Mom's house yesterday,and pretty much lost my only 3 battles so far"
can't wait for more.
And so the little girl, awestruck by the catching of the elusive Pikachu with ease, has now decided to stalk the older male and becoming the 'first traveling companion'.Over time her feelings of admiration will develop into affection(if has not already) at her target and will become possessive and jealous of any girl who she deems an obstacle.
Or he could crush her ideal image of him and build it back up as he did with DragonThing.
Say does anyone else think that Pikachu is a girl?Seemed too thin to be male.
Also Fingerless gloves protect the hands while letting the digits touch objects without interference.
Saw it comming
And now cut to those two hiding in the bush laughing just shy of (Homer Simpson) ROFL-copter because this guy finds a Pikachu without even trying!
Atticus catches it and girl ends up following him as 'Misty'.
I can see what happens next.
Atticus catch's a Pikachu, girl see's trainer with a Pikachu, she must follow trainer with Pikachu(next best thing to owning a Pikachu).
That and Bad guys offer Atticus a job working for them, Dragonthing gets discouraged thinking that he'll accept; then turns down the job of stalking kids and stealing their pets.
If Our beloved jerk is as genre-savvy as I believe him to be; then I think he'll try to avoid the kid that watched too much of the cartoon show and see's an older and more 'experienced' trainer as an ideal travel companion.To avoid this disturbing situation he will try to avoid being noticed by her, and will fail.
Atty's getting a traveling companion. In the form of a little girl?
I know he's going to catch a Pokemon in the forest, most likely a Weedle, he needs to get rid of her somehow and what better way then using an bug to stick her to a tree.
Wait are the wild pokemon limited to Kanto?Becuase I think Spinarak would suit him better.
How would he get shocked?
He drenches opponent to make it easier to electrocute him= he gets electrocuted?
Great web-comic, looking forward to his first catch.Are there only Pokemon in red and Blue in this region?What Pokemon do you think he'd catch?
Tangla-Is..Is this thing made of..I think I'll just take this ball back befor..!Crap!
Abra-Does this thing do anything other then sleep!?
Tentacool-Great, jellyfish poison is such an appealing thing.
Scyther-I'm not comfortable with how sharp those things are.
Magicarp-Worthless little...Giant man eating monster!
What if he could get Pokemon from other regions?
Totodile-He'd probably want to learn as much as he can from the team of a guy he's worried about.
What do you guys think?
hold on a second
Is this an crack at the recent digimon series Xros?Becuase if it is I find this very hilarious and well timed.
'Level system is crap' indeed.
So Blaze and Zero are being put on the backburner for a while?
I think its just about time to return to the Bass story "Tear Us Apart".
@Hero of Comedy
I dunno Eggman is pretty twisted,especially after going insane and becoming sane again(?)!
he repaired a disloyal subordinate with cybernetics, told her she could 'try' to kill him later and usurp his empire; simply because he like's having as many people with such ambitions in his forces.While they may try to kill him, they also want the empire to be as powerful as possible(for when they take over) and so his commanders are constantly making his empire more powerful, while planning on stabbing him in the back, and he just laughs it off.
Using kids glue to fix the wall's and broken machinery is bad enough, but using the least amount possible means that they're likely to fall off.
Hah, I can make sense of this.I'm so proud of myself.