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I make u laugh or ELSE!
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I'm terrible at speaking intelligence so a rough translation is: Flurmur.
What about... The meaning of life is... pi(e). (It's both a number and a pastry!)
Pnael 6: Jing=Kyouya
When our class did the cows eye dissection, I chickened out and almost fainted.
Oh wow. I was sure it was going to be a bear. See, kitten meat, even a schizotypic didn't see that coming!
Gah... where's the rest! Instead of redoing them, make more!
YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I've been waiting all fricking week for this!
I agree with Tezzle, and like my cousin oxy-moron-ly says, "LITRATE ISH MPRTENT."
I don't feel like emailing you but:
"What would Metis and Minnie look like gender-bended with clothes on in a shoujo form?"

*Works on fanart...*
It's a fresh idea. Bare, but fresh. (LOLz)