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I'm sure I'm late to the game, but I just noticed that she has the symbol from PoY on one of the buttons on her hat. Neat!
Welcome to the Old Apartment
...this is where we used to live...
@Jon: I always figured that this comic was set in the early to mid nineties. If I'm right then cell phones hadn't caught on because they were bricks.
am i the only one who feels like that alt dialogue would still fit in the story as is?
F... T...
I just wonder why it is that these creatures naturally evolved with a pattern on them of not only what is likely a recent technological development, but also one that is designed to capture Pokemon. Their Pokedex description leads one to believe wild Pokemon want nothing more than to be caught, but then if that were true, why use Pokeballs at all?
Future Patrick looks kinda strung out. Queue Androgynous by Crash Test Dummies.
My daughter insists that she is Juice. So that's what we call her.
I find it interesting that no one has considered the sickening truth that Dad may know that Devon was hitting Melanie, and that it may be his opinion that Devon was simply putting her in her place. From the way that Mom was looking in the room from the last panel, it seems likely that Dad may be a wife beater, too.
With these (heh) rose colored lenses on, the story takes on a little more sinister truth. Devon, Mel, and Pat seem to be acting like the young people that they are (hahaha young people, I'm only 23). If there are plans here, it seems likely that they're fueled only by childish selfishness. That's why Melanie told everyone that she's seeing someone else, and that's why Patrick punched Devon, and that's why nobody has said anything about Devon being a woman beater.
Patrick sees this as an opportunity to win his control over his sister back. If he is the only one to save Mel on Christmas, maybe things can go back to how they were and he'll have some leverage to get her to stop dating Andy.
You could always go back and do Edgar Allen Poe's classic, "The Pony." Quoth the Pony, "neigh-vermore."

Sorry, couldn't help myself. Also, H.P. Lovecraft's the Pony out of Space would be kind of neat.
I don't think you should claim you're not a comic artist, and your drawings certainly aren't all that bad. Look at Dilbert if you want to see bad drawings.
I may be alone here, but I just want to see updates to the story. If you have some large personal activities that are getting in the way, I can understand a hiatus; looking for an artist can take a long time and, unpaid, will guarantee no results.
I'm not sure that the music and short films are really all that necessary, but that's your call.
I hope to see more GHB when things get a little easier for you.
March 25th, 2011
at least it doesn't go off of whatever he wishes. if he had to say "i wish" every time he wanted it to do something, he'd probably be in trouble!
Haha angry deer face!
Nice to see that out of the (what?) 5000 fans this comic has now, I think there are two who actually read the author comment. I believe that a Mokepon forum would be a good thing. A lot of good comics have forums, and a great one like this should, too. Cheers, H0ly.
I have totally felt like that. With the boredom, not with the weird incentive.

That weird incentive -- weird.
No love in return. Cold shoulder.
I think that Patrick is reacting just as he should; it's no secret that he's a bit hypocritical when it comes to giving advice. But Andy and the guys have been "teaming up" on him ever since he started dating Alexander, at least from Patrick's perspective. For a guy whose mind is typically negative, having a friend come by and try to squish your positive can be really obnoxious, even if you are in the wrong.
I can think of like 3 different songs off the top of my head about situations exactly like this. I'm sure there are plenty more but I'm not well versed in music.
February 14th, 2011
Gibson, your ability to shrewdly judge what is certainly a conspiracy between candy companies and Hallmark is an inspiration to us all.

I've not even heard of The Kids Are All Right, it just reminds me of the theme song for That 70's Show.

Say "Deffwish" and "Deathwish" out loud. If you can't hear the difference, you may have a speech impediment.