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Those eyelashes though!
Yaaay end of chapter! So how much sleep does an alien need? Is he sleeping all day just to heal or do aliens need an extended amount of sleep anyway? Are their days or nights longer than earth days?
Awesome dialogue, amazing story so far, this is the only comic on the internet right now that makes me genuinely giddy to see an update! I'm crossing all my fingers and toes that Sooch just gets mad, gives in and kisses him (not necessarily in this moment but in the progression of emotion).
I hope they both wash their hands after this...
I am totally stoked! I am also totally stoked for that popcorn maker. Popcorn love.
February 5th, 2017
I think of AGH as a kind of exaggeration of ugh. Ugh sounds like frustrated exauhstion while agh is more of the I'm so frustrated I could kill somebody type of noise. Wonder what will happen next!
Love that sass! Love this page!
I can't believe it's been a year already. Time flies like crazy! Good to hear you are alive and kicking! I'm looking forward to updates and seeing how your art style has improved :) Thank you for the update and for continuing this fun story!
I'm actually looking forward to some Wheaton character development... I want to know more about his prissy pants and see him come to terms with Russ and crew.
Oooh wow. I am totally mimicking Brynns inhale and exhale. The anticipation is killing me! So Arco admits to seriously liking Brynn while Brynn is just like, emotional overload over liking this guy but friendship is first. And wtf is going on with Brynns apparently bitchy family. So ready for the next chapter!!

I live just south of portland :) what brings you to Medford?
Oooooh, Arco's face!! I love it! Both of them are so cute and happy and falling in love on this page, it makes me grin like a madwoman. Amazing page!!
Oh man!
This is, most definitely, my favorite scene of this comic so far. I used to spend every other summer in Monterey and have a serious love for Arco's love of that town. The aquarium is one of the best things on the planet. I have also been to this page five times today, sooo ready for your update!! ;) I'm more and more excited for where this story is going. Thank you for continuously giving!!
Random complement: Great job on their hair! Liam's looks totally soft and touchable. I'm loving the triangle forming here, keep up the good work! And updates! <3
Yaay! I'm so excited to be introduced to these lovely ladies! And I am so happy to see your beautiful marker coloring, markers are so diverse and difficult, I think it takes confidence to use them :) also, love the blue eyeshadow!! Colored amazingly!
Am I the first ever to comment?? Joy! I am super intrigued by your summary and style. :3 I am excited to see more of you!
I am going to buy that wallpaper and have Gay conversations in it. :3
Critical hit!! I mean look at those luscious curls, what could be better? <3
Lol, I could see Jimmy wearing briefs... But I'm deffinately more attracted to boxers. ;) and yes, I do know which hair your talking about, thanks!
Lol "don't click here or you will look hot!" that random ad just made the upcoming drama five times more exciting! ;) and yes, I would like a chapter devoted to my favorite pairing and the underwear they look hot in. You're the best!
<3 <3 <3 thank you for making my Wednesday! :D