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Dinahs expression ftw. lol.
Phil just shaved years off his age. He looks so much younger and not so much a pedo, I dont know how a beard changes that fact. :S
Dinah it's alright. Phill is an idoit. You are still loved.
Quad, you're still weird. lol

Phill/Ker/Wrecker. Ugh, I don't know who I want to win now. lol
Erm I wish Quad to go but something tell me that he is not going to go as everyone is predicting it. Lol.
So now it is official, Dinah for the win.
Got bored of her. lol
I only want Dinah to win now unless someone else does something win-worthy.
Aw I love Hotaru, but my fav is Naoki. He is adorable. :3
Chloe didn't think this through cause now for a episode Ryuia is going to be with Vent alone. lol
Woo! I actually think I get it. I guess I will see if I am kinda right next chapter then. lol
Please update this soon otherwise I will die waiting. lol.
...not really, but still. Pleaaaase.
Oh Ker, you make me facepalm.
oh btw, I am so happy that Russell came last.
He's a asshole for having my Betty kicked out.
lol :P
Dinah you continue to make me lol.
Also betty 3rd?! wow, didn't expect that.
I love you people.
dinah, you make me lol.
@Worthless Bitch
Russell deserves 0s.
For some reason I don't like Chrii getting her own identity. I prefered her being Manya's bitch. lol
INV's rules.
Yay! Nice to see a new page. <3
I wonder what Bob has got in mind. Ummm.
ew, Chloe.
I support Ryutious! ew to Ventiloe it sounds like a disease. :P
Phil you know you love the crack pairing.
Dinah I give you a round of appalause(sp?) I am finally starting to like you more. You need moar screen time! Now! I demand it! Jokes. :P
Yay Jasen gone slightly insane. I love him again now.
Aw, he misses Betty. <3 or as Ker said his Bella. Lol. That had me cracked up.
Team Manya rocks my heart. <3
I hope somehow they become the majority team on the tribe, don't know how and it is kinda impossible with the buttheads called 'SuperSeven' there. But I can dream. lol
It all makes sense now.
I am glad I don't like pickles. lol