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I'm Pyro aka dadrifter0912, why these names, i dunno they just stuck.
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author's rant: chp1 ep 6
Who doesn't like lunchtime. Its the longest break in the school day and you get to hang out with your friends and eat.

In the cafeteria at my school, the world history teacher was always on lunch supervision. He would always have a newspaper also and sometimes hit people with it. He's a very cool teacher and funny also. This is my homage to him.
um.. actually he's after Pyro.

have you not been paying attention?
Filler day- The keeper of the light
Sorry about the 2 fillers in a row, I've been busy keeping up with school.

This is a drawing I did about 5 months ago . It's an early version of Pyro, the main character of this story. In the original concept he was supposed to be a interdimensional wanderer but i scraped that idea since it would be hard to keep a bunch of long standing characters.

The one thing that hasn't changed is the stardust pendant. It is a light in the darkness (what that means... um... )
huh? i thought i was mark a second ago...
Filler Day!!! w00t
sorry, as of this date on the page I need a little break. I'll have a good comic up on friday for you guys. (remember most of this on auto update so i'm kinda here but more of in the future, lol)

The top panel is somewhat based on my bedroom in real life. The picture on the wall is my cross-country team picture. (I'm not exactly fast... ^_^;)

I'll try to keep up with the updates
Author's rant: Chp 1 ep5
Weapons, weapons, weapons. Which weapon do you choose to kill some idiot that has some kind of rare and valuable pendant that can do all sort of crazy things? ALL OF THEM.

Later on Pyro and this guy will fight each other for the pendant.This could be a problem, to which one I just don't know. (or do I?)
Author's rant: Chp 1 ep4
Like all online games you never really know what will happen next. And with many games of this nature a guy can come out of nowhere and will kill you in a horrible, gruesome, or stupid way. And as they say what goes around comes around.

There will be more stories about ragrealms later in the comic so if you're intrested in this part of the story, sit tight.
Author's rant: Chp 1 ep3
The school that SA takes place in isn't that big (similar to my school). In the computer lab is Pyro's friend Akamatsu,(he's based on a friend of mine who i always find in the computer lab playing ragnarok, unfortunately this year has to go to a different school this year.

So in memory of him any and all ragrealms based comics will be dedicated to him (dollie, a friend of mine who runs alternative lifestyle on this site, suggested it to me for some reason, even though its not like he's dead or anything.)
Author's rant: Chp 1 ep2
As you can see I spoof a few famous mangas here. If you guys can't figure out the first two then you either don't really pay attention to manga now do you? The last one is not based on at all manga, but well... um...

Well i guess its time for me to shut my mouth now. Good bye
Author's rant: Chp 1 ep1
The school that Pyro goes to is based on the high school that i go to (i'm a junior now)Yes it's one of those private schools run by the catholic church. But high school's still high school after all.
Author's rant: Chapter 1
w00t chapter 1 has arrived. This chapter is based on what happens to me on a normal day of school. (and no there is, nor ever was, a crazy hitman type guy trying to kill me.) Many of the characters that appear here are based on my friends, though the names have obviously been change to protect their identities from internet scammers and perverted psychos.

On that note... All my friends who read this thing, each charcter's name is permanent so don't ask me to change it. (this is especially for those who i know ) the only time i will change the name is before the comic is posted.

so don't bother me, even if the names are kinda stupid.
author's rant: ep8
Pretty straight forward, right? (I don't have much to say about it)

The starshaped symbol at the bottom of each comic is sort of the "trademark" for this comic. It is somewhat based on the Taijitu. (yin and yang symbol)There are two forces flowing into the star. The star in the middle represents a power that each one fights for control of and draws its power from. Opposing forces that are locked into each other's existance, one needing the existance of the other, because they share on source.
Author's rant: ep9
The pendant has many mysterious powers, powers that i cannot reveal to you until a later comic. ha ha

If your wondering why this chapter is called chapter 0, well its because these are somewhat a test pilot for me, to see if i can actually make a webcomic. I wanted to test this out first and the 1st 5 comics were that test. Yet i needed to back that up with enough comics to introduce some of the characters and stuff. (Also partly beacause its my homage to Fred Gallagher's Megatokyo)

Chapter 1 is about Pyro learning about the mysterious pendant he has and also more about the people he interacts with.
Author's rant: ep7
w00t, lucky 7. In this comic the hooded person that is after Pyro is still going after Pyro. This character is very mysterious in the beginning, a guy with a gun who wants the pendant. Yet its not the pendant that he's truly after.
Author's rant: ep6
This, to me, is one of the best done so far in terms of art. I really like how the pencil art turned out. This is also the introduction of Pyro's older siblings, Mango and Ju.
thank you
thanks, i'll try to keep the comics coming as best as i can, but bear with me.
Author's rant: ep5
Its funny how Pyro's older sister doesn't notice the explosion that basically destroy their school and almost killed Pyro (or she just doesn't care).
Author's rant: ep4
Suprisingly, Pyro is able to lift up the bomb that nearly crushed him. And yes he switches hands. This also illustrates pyro's dumb luck, too bad he doesn't get his way.