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Hello there!
I'm from Hungary, and I'm surely not the most talented "artist" :D I just draw for fun, and I make some comics just for fun. Nothing special, really :)

Anyways, I hope you will like my works :)

See ya'!

ps.: Oh yeah, and my english isn't the best at all :S
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    Csaba Kiss
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oh my xD
Nézd, több mint 200 fav xD anyám :D grat!


Look, more than 200 favs xD oh mommy xD congrats!
Cute pic :) The guy looks a little bit dazed x) I can understand...I would be dazed to, if I would met an angel girl.
lol cute story :D
Maybe it will last long...
Yeah, I made a volume cover, when I still don't know, if I will finish the whole story. xD I have the whole story line in my mind, I just need to draw it. I can't make that fast, lack of time, you know.

Anyway, It's a good time spending, to draw this story. :)

Take care!
thank you!
Thanks guys! Both of you made me really happy :)
May 12th, 2009
Yep...I need to fav atleast one of your works. So I choose this one. Well done :D