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I like monks, yaoi, animals, BJDs, and complicated story lines. XD
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I just did the dumbest thing. I kept clicking next... and I thought the same page was repeating a bunch of times as sort of an on-going joke that it never works and that Atticus had tried to get out of Pewter like 7 times before I realized the date wasn't changing. xD
Personally I think Kaden may say something nice now. Proving his real feelings without really revealing them to everybody. It's obvious that he only used the "you look like your sister" as a cover for his own feelings. Love is about forgiveness as well and I have no doubts in my mind that Lyle is the forgiving type.
Besides, Theron is kind of a man-slut for Lyle. XD And obviously likes Ron.
At least thats my take on it XD
No worries. =__=;; I can't even imagine trying to draw scenes with one character having to look at someone to understand what they were saying. <3
Oh, I did want to say something that has been bugging me about this amazing comic. Paul needs to be looking directly at people more often, in order to read their lips. I noticed it on several pages, it's a little bothersome but not too distracting. I'm always open to questions as I know a deaf/mute person. <3
Actually... I think I like it more without the tones. Looking at this page and previous pages.. this one seems cleaner. Less cluttered.