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I am a simple person that likes to draw manga and hang out with friends. I started drawing about six years ago, and at least I draw good. My inking is what sucks though. Anyways, I dream of one day having my own manga company and send good messages through manga.
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    George (No thanks to Misha...)
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I was just wondering if you would ever use the SubSeed strategy (Leech Seed + Substitute) with Pea, minding if Pea still has Leech Seed or if you got Substitute in Twist Mountain in the winter.

Also, love your comic!
I saw some things and Nintendo is actually kicking some major ass right now.

I am just wondering what is everyone thinking about the new Marvel vs Capcom 3?
Answer to all of them: People are just too fucking stupid. Like that lady sueing McDonald's for making her fat.
@ Kafeole12: Yes actually I've been wanting to rant as well.
The reason I have a prepaid cell phone is for emergencies so my sister wont waste my minutes on my cell. Thank God I only use twitter to see when certainthings come out only!
I'm fav+ this only cause I feel like you might hurt someone if I dont
Her theme song should be that "Superfreak" song.
Already with the censors? lol. *fave
Why does the professor here remind me of Dr. Wily from the Megaman series?
HAHA! idol to troublemakers who want to do the impossible....*Thumbs up*
Just keep on bringing it....
Oh God.....
The day they actually make a Twilight game would be the day that all video games die.

Honestly, I just got done playing Dawn of Mana and I was bitterly dissapointed. I mean I have great games, such as Kingdom Hearts and the rare Samarai Legend Musashi, but now the good franchises are even starting to rot. Final Fantasy XII was so horrible, I ended up trading it. The Rayman series went from a platform game to some stupid shit with some stupid looking rabbits trying to take over the world. The most decent RPGs I've played were Star Ocean, Kingdom Hearts, and Phantasy Star Universe when you make you own Character. FPS, I think Goldeneye was the best. And I feel like the Lego series is like the South Park episode where Steven Spielberg and George Lucas tried to make everything better....
How the hell do you keep on getting fans without doing anything?...-_-'
Heh I buy a COMPLETE Anime series for 30 bucks. It's woth it because I don't have to buy per volume. God bless hookups!
Oh God...
I swear, I don;t think any comic has a chance. This should be poseted in a forum. I've already seen like 15 Yaois updated today and I am pissed. God these girl disgust me. Oh god... *Runs to the rest room and throws up Family Guy Style.*
I dont mean to be rude. This comic is funny. I know many people wish this (I myself being one) and the success rate is very low. (Like 1 fucking percent) But there have been ameriacans who have made there mangas by a.) Etering that stupid shit that Tokyopop has or B.) the company of Seven Seas Entertainment, which has more americans than asians. Though I may never get this job, there are still those that dream. I say, let them dream until there bubble pops. If these people want to get that, at least get a damn college degree and MAYBE they can raise the ONE.
September 4th, 2009
This looks really good! I wish you the best of luck in your story
It looks like this comic will be a great hit! Good luck!