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Kinda given up on doing sprite comics. Been working on game coding and such, but I kinda miss doing the spriting...
@Hyper Shadow
'Cos she's hiding in those bushes.
No, I'll do my best to make him workable, but might take a little while, seeing as My only thing I can use to work on it on the mac sucks, and on windows, everything keeps trying to restart for another update.
Before I disappeared, I had a PC, and used PaintDotNet, but now on my new Mac Laptop, I've got to wait another week till my Dad brings me a copy of Photoshop, Fireworks and a couple of other things from his work.
Good to see things have kept on going without me, I should be back properly now,
but I won't be able to make any pages until I get something other than PaintBrush (The Mac Clone of MSPaint)...
Yeah, you can use mine too. The year is almost over for me, so hopefully I can get back to work on your other request...
Don't leave Jake.
I've been vaguely thinking about a plotline for this. I barely do anything at the moment, and I keep disappearing, but I'm still trying to stick around.

For anyone interested, I should have a page up as soon as I finish enough sprites for a character, and have a long enough time at the computer straight.

Also, sorry GMC, I've been doing other things, exams, life etc. I've only started up spriting again the last few days.
You've got this one here twice...
It really sucks now that they've stopped bionicle and are now doing that hero factory crap...
When are you going to post something about Flounderp?
Did you see him get a ticket? How else was he supposed to travel on a train without paying?
We'll need to all have an idea of where we'll be going this time, that should stop it going quite so crazy.
It's more for people who didn't know or forgot it.
I've started work on my next page, so it should hopefully come up this weekend.
Hover the mouse over the page to see the alt text.
@Jake and/or Blixx
When I do the next page, my character can be used for anyone else's idea. Send me a pm, and we can work out something.
Page auto-posting in 15 minutes or so.
Thought I'd better do something, for once. I'll actually be making my next page brand new, since this is the last thing I did for last time...

Also, read the Fun Fact!
Wow... If I get the chance I'll do a page over the next two days... Hopefully I actually will manage this time...
Just so you know, With the uploading problem? I'd recommend just uploading the image off Drunk Duck, I've been doing that since I started here, and it's never failed me.
October 4th, 2010
Yeah, Karadom was right, 'Twas the weakest so far, however, When we think back to the previous episode, with the Animation... Need I say more? This comic has once again proven its awesomeness. Work faster!!!
I suspect that has something to do with how there are more Animal Authors that have updated, in my intro and second page, my guy acts as if they're in the wrong for cold-blooded killing of friends of his.