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My Tsundere Yandere~
Age: 14
Seme/Uke: Seke
Birthday: Feb 5
Likes: sheeps and cake(secretly), big brother(onii-sama), shounen manga, pokemon
Dislikes: Recklessness, People who don't think things through, stupid girls, snobby girls, girls, vegetables,
Other facts:
-uses various weapons to kill/assasinate/murder
-uses strategies/plans/schemes to kill
-lures girls into traps
-acts like "the perfect little brother" to get closer to his targets(girls)
-very "tsundere"(look up the definition if you don't know...)

Yaaaaaah~ It's not a very descriptive profile but his intro will make more sense(i guess >3>) eeehhh~ oh well.....imma be lazy
I'm not grounded anymore
yaaay~ I'm back..... c:
idk for how long I'm going to be gone but says it all
July 18th, 2010
idk for how long I'm going to be gone but says it all
idk for how long I'm going to be gone but says it all
lol you don't wanna be there when that happens....
July 18th, 2010
lol i'm going to relpy xD
omfg lucifer's clothes are so white, he replaces laudry soap with clorox
lucifer on a tree..what, is he now a white ninja? |:-|
just a quick reply....

lol I finally posted a comic with out featuring dorian...or maybe not...

(lol can you find dorian?)
omg xD I love that theme song!!!

captain planet, he's our hero.
gunna take pollution down to zero! xD
sound like u guys r having fun c:
yes I'll try to reply but I'm having a brain fart and i'm hungry |:-[]
d'aawww D: poor doggy
lol I am addicted to Detective Conan right now xD a huge amount of intelligence stored into one cute little boy xD
@ Ryokouri: lol awww that sounds adorable :>
I suppose being a donator a good thing?
lol yeah dorian flew from the sky and landed on them...

people are free to reply to any of my post :> so I don't mind.