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~ Twisted
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December 7th, 2013
I hope you're able to see that this is like.. A map of their walking shuff.. Obviously, the red one is mister red-head and the blue is mister angel. I have forgotten whatever names they may have had... haha =_=
December 7th, 2013
Wow. It's obviously been a long time since I've been drawing with my tablet- I'm sorry about the style and shuff like that, hopefully I'll get over it soon xD
Just wanted to let you know that of all the SmackJeeves comics I've read, this is by far my favorite!
I honestly prefer this couple more than the original. They just seem to fit eachother in so many levels and aspects..!
I really love the artstyle of this!
Just a quick question though, if he's not allowed to cut his hair, how can he have bangs? XD
Jeg tjekker også lige din profil ordentligt ud såååå (for at finde dit navn)! ~ Send mig et link til din youtube eller noget? Ö så kan jeg finde ud af det x'D ...

Edit: OMG.. tjekkede din DA ud.. Du er venner/stalker/de stalker dig/something like that.. rigtigt mange jeg kender o__O!.. Eller nok nærmere rigtigt mange min søster kender.. Tror måske jeg har en idé om hvem du er D: .. *doom* og hvis du er hende har vi snakket sammen XD Min søster er Michelle?
*host* vent.. *host* er i danskere? D: D: D: omg, hvis i er, dør jeg bare lidt indeni x'D specielt fordi jeg måske kender jer, og at i laver min yndlings net-serie >_> *så kommentar fra Mirazie*
October 30th, 2010
*cough* this is exactly why we get Derrick drunk! *cough* XDD ~
October 30th, 2010
Black eyed Peace? 8D
Everyone says "Poor Haru" am I the only one thinking "Poor girl"? XD
I kept seeing that water thing as an octopus with sunglasses (the wheels of the car) that reached up with it's hand.. No, it just made no sense x'D
August 26th, 2010
Muwhahahah 8D
I think my heart just stopped beating <3
Just wanted to tell you, that I've read A LOT of series on smackjeeves, and I just decided - this is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!
*Claps* So awesome! <3
The White Rabbit
Clothes inspired by a picture I found somewhere on the internet XD
What's he gonna be like? 8D stay tuned, to find out ~
Mad Hatter and March Hare
Looks awfully evil, yes? Or not? I think they look a little evil at least? Ohohoo xD what dya people thiiink? XD
Drawn in Photoshop with Touchpad
- omg -_- it's so.. not pretty XD but whatevs! Birthday-tiiime :D
Rawr? Cheshire Darling!
Normally I don't like fillers.. And I had decided I would never make such a thing in this series.. But then I realised I hadn't updated for AGES... And so I had this drawing (I just made it, lol) of the Cheshire Cat in this story..
Yes, it's sort of a spoiler of how he looks xD But whatever! He's awesome, right? Look forward to "meet" him - he's my fave char in this XD <3
- Drawn in photoshop xD
This thing is awesome ;_;<3
Takumi.. With a Vivienne Westwood-thing on, that looks like the one Shin from NANA normally wears.. Are you a NANA-fan by any chance? XD