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Thad got a haircut because everyone thought he looked like Atticus's dad or something isn't it.
@qazox: They're selling fossils. Which honestly doesn't sound very evil to me. The only really evil thing the Team as whole ever did was the Silph takeover. Yes they killed Cubone's mother but do you think that was something Giovanni ordered? Not a chance. It was probably even an accident.
@Crauss: They're a terrible punk garage band that Mordecai met in person in some dive bar. He wears several copies of the shirt so he can pick up chicks and boast about being "totally tight with the band." I mean duh.

Okay not really. That might be in character for him though.
That jumper makes Atticus look like a fat man with skinny little legs. Not sure why he bothered to fight so hard for it either, it's not like he couldn't get a replacement before nightfall (and it gets cold).
I like how in the Jumper torture flashback the only face you can make out is Stein's. And he looks so HAPPY.
@Unclever title: I don't know about that. Everywhere you go you upstage your rival, you steal his dreams and his grandfather's attention. You beat up his pets at every pass, and you may have killed his Raticate.
Oh my I think I might be in love with the way this page looks. Be still my beating heart. I suppose asking for a tutorial on how you managed to come up with this is unlikely? (Yes I know it's digital I could probably guess) I only do digital work and I've never seen let alone done anything like this.
Wait insert montage music of our choosing? I don't think I'm ready for this level of responsibility h0ly. Still want to know if slash hax is going to play part in this. DT could live out her secret dream of being Oprah Winfrey. Instead of giving out free cars, she'll give out critical hits. That was a terrible analogy.
Apparently Blaze is the new Metal Claw if comments are anything to go by
Guys just assume anything in Kanto plays by Generation One rules. You're just setting yourself up for heartbreak when it doesn't happen. If that's how it works though wait until DT learns slash. Then the comic will end because she starts critting everything. FOREVER.
I guess when you already went with the raptor look you decided to commit fully and have her open doors. If you need me I'll be hiding under a pantry counter waiting to escape when she moves away from the door.
Atticus knits. Callin' it now. He wears the jumper because he either made it, or aspires to make one like it. He's constantly trying to compare the two. Yes, even how they feel when he wears them.

Actually screw that. That's the obvious answer. He probably likes something even lamer. Tailors are something we need. What Atticus wants to be is probably some boring job.

Or he wants to be an Artist.
In his shock he choked over his own cigarette. Calling it now.
Unless Mello grew boobs after Deathnote I don't think that's him. Stripes there is on at least one cover page.
Oh hey look, Bratticus' black eye is gone now. So much for seeing that for another 4 or so chapters.
*Hand Raise*
Also morbid? Well maybe a little, but think about the world they live in. Ten year old kids rush out into the world with maybe a bit of pocket change and some ear medicine in hopes that they'll be the best there ever was. It's also a world where towns might only be connected to through a dangerous cave. She doesn't want your pokemon hurt, she wants you to come back alive!
Alright I'm calling this now....

Ball!chu will be the antagonist for this chapter.
First set of artists comment since like June. I've missed a couple of weeks over battles for the computer lately, and have gotten sidetracked from other things. But here's the next page, at least two weeks late. I'm going to finish this chapter, get to work on the next one, then redraw all the pages on the site up to this point.

Why? Well, I had plans for this chapter that really haven't worked out, and I've gutted a great deal of it. So yeah, look forward to that my SINGLE FAN. ^^
Yeah, I'd submit the actual comic today too, but I have finals tomorrow, so I have to pretend to study!