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I love this, I love him, I love you ;;
You deserve more fans <3
I'm going to go ahead and say... auto update didn't work (;
...Looks like somebody's master revenge plan backfired beautifully.
Methinks the 'standing up for Clover' bit is the part that's not going to be believed so much.
And poor Aiden.
So pmsy D;
Daylight ~fragments~!
Oh god, Thanatos D':
I must find out which myth you use, either way, I'm excited.
But I'm excited for them all.
/rubs hands together
Somebody can draw cats well D:
I say inside teepee's are always fun. u-u
Greek mythology is currently one of the best things out there, in my opinion, and I always enjoy revisiting an old tale (:
By the way - I'm glad there was no 'action', it would have ruined the integrity of a beautiful love story~
Now makez moar k? :D
The colouring must have taken you forever, seriously u-u
By the way, no need to worry about doing a good job, you always do (;
I love you.
More angst and plot twists YES.
Also, where do you people who not use twat live? D:
And also, I hope Jacko and Farrah enjoy living on that secret island along with Elvis, monroe and others. u-u
Che, as though trains ever leave on time.
The guy you talked to wasn't a platform manager.
It's a conspiracy u-u
Just wanted to say - the first panels smugness is amazing :'D
/Hands you pot of luck and frolics off
Dun dun
Somehow... I don't think he's going to keep his new job for very long o:
Because if he doesn't give it him he's screwed? :<
Go smack them bullies.
Nyahh, this is good~
And as far as the comparison thing goes... not sure I know that many based on a phycotic man who loves rabbits and killing people. In a very edwardian style, which I'm loving :3
But anything can be compared to anything if you try hard enough... but trust me, this is plenty unique c:
...-keeps trying to click the next button to no avail-
Dammit Dx
ANYWAY. Incase you havn't noticed, your comic is now second most popular on the site.