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Re: AkumaTh
Well, since they're made of data, I think I know why it changes within continuities: Changes in programming standards and programming languages used.
Whaddayano, I happened to stumble upon this when looking through the latest issues of this comic while listening to LordKaT and Sean Fausz stream the latest XBLA Castlevania game.
Or, perhaps...
GLIGARMAN!!! (Does anyone remember that episode)?
Yeah, even with Windows Vista, my lappy has BSOD'd like, what, 17 times?
I know why.
Because he's voiced by DAN GREEN!!
I'm getting both.
Funny bit of trivia: Before showing one trailer, Pokemon Sunday played the opening guitar riff of Black or White. Anyways, as for whether I'm getting black or white version? Yes.
The guy's name will be LittleKuriboh, and the girl's name will be DaJacksterN.
If you don't get the reference, you haven't spent enough time on the internet.
When I first saw the movie, I thought the "World will turn to Ash" thing as a misinterpretation of the legend, and the legend meaning "ash" as in a synonym for soot, as opposed to "Ash", as in the character.
Well, I'm not AS infamous, and HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT??
Yeah, but Right to Censor tends to use it improperly, and that's no good.
*sigh* The real reason for this is censorship promotes ignorance, not innocence.
@the wandering sword
People say "n00b" all the time at my school. For the rocket in G/S/C, maybe it was a redneck?
Am I the only one who noticed the Bill & Ted reference?
Aqua was just a bunch of hippies.
actually, it sorta tickles the opponent with its tail... I think
You need to be invited.

Speaking of that, could someone invite me, I got some funny ideas for some sprite comics.
Yay, Tropes
Well, I guess he's... Crazy Awesome, if I were to apply a trope to him. Well, hope ya win, Gatemaster.