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wow france sure is nice
it is
They're tired of the Middle East
So they decide to find Jesus at Joseph and Son's for another warp.
A mysterious man shoots Al-Selim
@broblade12: Nice to hear good review, keeps me going.
Our heroes make history
they are inducted into the london museum of clich├ęs
ulfric the godmoder
he has an arrow sticking in his eye in the last panel
027 - Shadow Appears
oh yeah
Gonna make some plot twists & shit
025 - Battle over Marble Garden
another one for all you imaginary fans
update get
helo i am here + arrived
wheres the Right Fook Hing book store
How will our heroes get out of this one?!
Reds turns super for the first time ever
technically its true
shadow fangirls suk
Nice comic/spriting, but the story is pretty much: Generic Shadow fangirl goes trough random adventures with stolen jokes.
When Rockets Explode.
The plane is back up and running, as they pick up sonic and riex and fly to death egg, the unthinkable happens.
Deletion Failed
I'm back!
I may be recruiting Co-Authors soon.
crazy bangs is the first sign of pro