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I'ma butt.
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WOOOOOOOOO thanks for the update :D. Glad to see you're having fun with university.
I understand Ellis is gay, but i kinda don't want him to end up with Chip. The two main characters ending up together is such a cliche to me. Still love the comic though, even if it follows the cliche.
February 12th, 2014
What a depressing page. .-.
Is he going to try to politely talk to them? That'd be adorable as hell!!!
;__; The poor little guy, why did you have to make him look so helpless.
I want to say Ruthie and Sasha. But I am also a fan of confused sexual/romantic lesbian scenes, so maybe Janey and Ruthie. :3
I know that feeling. I love how my head feels after a trim. :3
Awwwww, his skin doesn't produce the heat needed to use a touch screen. xD Poor cold skinned Chip.
I want to go in the pool. D: But I'm a guy, and Asexual.
What an adorable style! :D And I hear convos like this at my school all the time. Georgina should do more strips. :3
Masturbation is weird. I was peer pressured into it when I was younger. Not a big fan of it, it is long and irritating, it's messy, and just all around gross. But it is oddly relaxing, orgasming at least. I find it pretty useful when I am really stressing out. Still gross though. xD
What a good parent, providing for his son. Being a single parent must be difficult.
Oh, this comic is just so amazing. xD It's crazy how many fans you have now. I remember when it was just me and a couple others. ;w; Also, I laughed my ass off at this page.
I knew they went off to train! I called it!
I get told I walk like I am gay. I mean seriously, excuse me for being a man and having a curvy figure. =_=
I have a feeling she wants to go train more to get stronger for Atty.
I lost it at the teenage daughter dating sites. xD Can't wait to read more about Miriam and Ajeet. They seem like a great couple.
Every time I see that mask I think the two comics are going to verge at some point. xD
I read it because it seems so real. :3 Like it could actually happen in someones life.