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Like i'd fill this out XD
I'm a freak who doesn't do much in their life 83
I has gender issues so I never refer to myself as "he" or "she" seriously. I'll say one or the other for convenience though.

I like Manga more than anime 83 and I have a fetish for most Japanese stuff X3 though Anime tends to ruin a lot of manga D:

I also like to draw, but i need improoving ; 3;
Other than that? Psh, you can just ask.
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I wonder if there's a reason for Mama Wolfram hiding her lower face e u e
Oh Ophie~ You poor modern child you. Why stop there~? I have Mario Kart on SNES if you really want to beat him oldschool~ <3

I however approve of Clinton's stupidity. I hope Ollie wises up and stops trying to please him so much!
I'd like to join ouo I've been watching for a while now eue kukukuku
Oigosh! You left an empty speach bubble O:
Doors shut. Things happen. NEW AREA 8D
It's not the device's fault it's only programmed to work in one building. The tele-wires only work in lines >:
I wonder if people reading back through these pages are wondering why all people are Saying "Dood".
November 16th, 2009
-also in love with this comic-