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Hmm, I'm currently 21, live in the Isle of Man (itÂ’s a small island between England and Ireland). I enjoy learning about computers and usually do so unless distracted by games (which is most of the time). I'm an avid gamer and generally spend most of my spare time playing them (mostly the Xbox these days, although the PS3 has a couple I like). For the times I can pull myself away from the games, I generally hang around with my friends and go out drinking.
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Glad to see you're back.
*Looks Right*
I think... :P
November 5th, 2010
Oh god, I lol'd so hard.

Also, YAY! Bonfire night :)
Hmm... I do need a new coat. I think I now know what I'm looking for :)
Wow... that doesn't sound like fun at all...

(This message brought to you by Dwarf Fortress, where losing is fun!)

At the very least, I hope you have internet when you get there, if not for the comic, then to atleast stay in contact.
OMG! Congratulations!!!!
It's been a while since I bought any yugioh cards, but I can still lay my hands on my complete collection and deck without any effort. I just couldn't be bothered when they started releasing all the new cards and types, the rules were hard enough to understand
I envy you, I wish I had a DnD group. I end up playing play by post on a forum as I have no other choice :/
I dunno, as much fun as killing a boat load of zombies is in Left 4 Dead, I'd choose the dreams, would seem more realistic... only I can't really control my dreams. Ah well, I've got an itchin only zombie killin' will solve now =P
Nice, okay now punch him for all the frustration he has caused us =)

I've also noticed a few people have mentioned that the characters speak British when they read it. I myself haven't really noticed (then again I am British, so... yeah)
I'm playing through it as the Brick, the rage does seem to last a while, but I just enjoy rushing in and punching everything in the face until it dies
Haha, the last panel is priceless, couldn't stop laughing.

And as for taffy, I'm as clueless as you are
I've done something similar to this. I thought I lost my phone, it was in my pocket.
I even responded to a text message, put it back in my pocket and continued looking for a few minutes >.<
Yeah, my first thought was it does look a little creepy...

Could be because I just played a few horror games where ghosts were just shadows with white eyes
Have to admit, never understood why you had to make that delivery to buy stuff. I mean did they not sell anything to anyone just waiting on the off chance that some kid from Pallet Town swung by to deliver it?

Anyway, the inked page looks great, and I hope you had a great birthday :)
Wait, 1am? As in just after midnight?
Hmm, a bit late now, but Happy Birthday, glad to hear you were horribly drunk.

Would've posted earlier, but it's hard in a flat with no internet :)
I have that problem at work, we have a big metal shelving system and everytime I have to grab something I usually get shocked. Hurts like hell
I have a sudden craving for waffles... Strange
I've only ever been to two funerals and I went by choice. The first was my grand father, the second was one of my best friends he died in a car crash aged 17

I don't think I even considered skipping them
I'd recommend not thinking about winning the lottery then, just an idea