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Dat Ringtone! The POKERAP! Nostalgia!!!
Dear Atty~

You gonna use that Pikachu?
Sweet...You should do the ponyta one too anyway. XD
And this is why you always keep your wallet where your hand can always feel it. otherwise your pokemon will steal it and make you broke. Lovely~
yay link to the games!!! *hugs Vexx* yay for the bulbasaur! or human! I don't care! This should make everything turn upside down. ;3
Ooo!! Can I submit mine too?
She annoys Shadow. It's an accomplishment

Shadow: *writing Lily's name in a familiar black notebook.*
Shadow: Under your pillow.
Me: But...
Sahdow: You fail at hiding things
what's really funny is that the 101 looks like LOL
I'm gonna say it here instead of on dA. His uhh...... man boob/ab looks a bit off. I don't think we should be able to see the whole uhh..... nipple from this angle....

wow I feel awkward. *looks at clock* F***! I need to sleep!!
AWWW!! They're sooooo cute! I just wanna hug them! Your drawing skills are amazing! Wish I could draw humans that well..... >_>

Max (raichu): ...... Don't you have your own comic to do?
Me: Yeah, but I like looking at other peoples work. I makes me feel happy.
heh... guess who... XD