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Migoto Keigai
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I think if you fuck him hard enough you can defy all physics and laws of nature.

...just like Kaito's oatmeal.
Okay, so as much as I hate Kaito's dad. This page was hilarious!
I had to look up corporeal just to be sure, but the exact definition made me giggle quite sinister like.
Yay! Me so clever!

Well I'm glad he's not dead, for Russel to laugh he's probably not going to die, right? RIGHT!? I think Varen deserves a big kiss on his bumpy little froggy lips...or his head...
Let me guess, he picked a poisonous flower?
I don't know why, but I saw that jaguar doing somethin' other than fighting with him....what is wrong with me?
I second SmexyMuffin.
Nu~! Wait...doesn't that mean he have have some hawt smex with 'imself? Heeheehee~!
Say somethin' hawt!


Wait, in my dramatic soap-opera mind, I've concocted the idea that somehow Durgess knows Sai a little too well.
So long as we're waiting to find out what color her hair is, I'm going to guess orange.
It's weird seeing a villainess who's not big-breasted...I guess I'm just reading/watching the wrong kind of entertainment.
"Don't resist me. This won't even hurt a bit."
The last time I heard that I ended up buying super healing butt cream.
I am resisting the urge to place my lips on his newly healed tummy and blow into it to make fart noises.
Val and Jacob! Val and Jacob! Val and Jacob! Oh, lordy, please; Val and Jacob!
Dake: O.O
Me: O.O
The dialect is weird considering the way he's dressed, but I like it, makes him more unique...and all the sexier.
Migoto Keigai
September 25th, 2012
Little Voice in His Head: Do it~! Open the dooooooor~! Man, hurry up, I wanna see some man smex!
@ParadoxComic Your picture fits perfectly with your comment to kittychick and I agree, this isn't porn, it's the beautiful manly love between two manly men
Oh dear
At first I was very confused, perhaps thinking I'd clicked on the wrong link, but nope! This should be interesting.