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/USINGINTERNETVIAIPODTOUCH. Woah... Who knew Herz could climb a wall Supa Baby Herz!!!
Losing her family like that while having good times is sad... :(
nice page cover.
No hugs... seriously Eric dont follow Emery's advice your distance already makes Ariel sad awwwww... last pannel is cute.
Poseidons a sissy... wow i can imagine Zeus picking on Poseidon i wonder if he still picks on him even though their both adults?
Yay! Sir Russell cares for Shichi!
''Poopy...'' gotta laugh at the last ''line'' but the page is cute! -LAUNCHESFRIENDSHIPBEAM-
Is someone watching(stalking) Herz?
Hades is sooooooooo cute.
The look on their faces made me laugh Jacob's really put alot of courage to tell them what ''happened'' lol.
Zadel's so mean he can't push Jacob too much lol Val's right.
I like this pace right now.
Yay the ring and my guess: is ariel the one following eric and yes a formspring with the characters the awesomeness.
I wonder what he needs for privacy~ maybe about Val maybe...
started reading this manga and its awesome!
i love the new banner and Haruto's so cute.
The deer look so cute
The doll or puppet looks scarily cool