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Some one told me about smackjeeves, then I just found myself reading more and more comics here.
:D glad to see you are still updating here!
:3 don't worry about it xD
as for the math, good luck with that! Just don't panic at the SAT test thing. If you panic you'll make mistakes so try to be calm about it :3
As for your art.. I really like it... How you draw blood and your anatomy just needs a lil work :3 otherwise it's fine XDDD
I know what you mean though when you panic about how your going to get into college... I was like that too. But i think as long as you have a clear idea on what you want.. it'll be easy I guess just continue to work hard! XD

Good luck on everything and life :3 hope you're heath will get better!
lol.. what was Homicide doing there in 2 in the morning :)

as for the grey marker..
Normally artists use a light tone of grey for brown hair i suggest grey less than 50%..
wow! XD they all look so cute wearing those outfits :3
i wonder what's going to happen next
for a super villain Kinny is quite adorable ^_^
November 6th, 2009
Looooool xD
Poor Vin.
*jaw drops*
if you can do that....
I'll probably become a loyal fan.
October 31st, 2009
Anyway, You've improved a lot since creating "Of guns and legend".
:3 you're gonna continue making "Of guns and legend" right?
So that mean you'll have 2 comics right now and another one coming in the future right?
October 31st, 2009
Is Cid Blushing?
XD hehe the flowers behind Vincent seems to make a good impact.
What happened to Vincent's arrrm?
O.O gotta see moooorrrreeee.
I'm addicted to both your doujinshi of FF7!
October 25th, 2009
Oh i see..
Well, I really look forward to seeing more from you! ~<3
I wuv how you draw final fantasy's characters...
It looks as if you can draw them easily...... T_T but it's really hard for me.... Makes me kinda jealous.
October 24th, 2009
um..excatly what is this story about? i'm kinda confuse sorry...