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@Pie God
(You can choose your class, and can shange it whenever)

Just so you know, this video pretty much explains what Engies and Medics go through most of the time: p;index=12

EDIT: One more, just for fun:
It's been free for a couple months I think.

Anyway, it is pretty good, just brace yourself if you're an Engineer or a Medic.
I kinda gave up on this showcase a while ago anyway, I just stayed as an author incase any new hope was shown for it
Happy B-Day, hope you have a good one
How can you find Minecraft boring? IT'SAWORLDOFENDLESSPOSSIBILITIES!
I heard around places that SSB4 was gonna be released sometime in 2013, since they said they were gonna focus on Kid Icarus: Uprising (at least that's what I heard)
lol, forgettful Ryan...
Is forgettful.

Actually, yeah, i AM forgettful...

Anyway, who's been watching E3? (I know it's late, but hey, what can you do?)
I'm pretty excited for the new Kirby coming to the Wii, as well as Skyward Sword... and the new Super Smash Bros coming to the Wii U... in 2013... :(
... lol
And so...
A new player comes into this game of life...

LOL, I can't be dramatic for shit.

Anyway, this is a new character I made, someone/some people might know who his name is.

For those who don't know his name, it shall be revealed... NEXT TIME, on Kirby Kwest.

And now...
Raine goes into action
That robot...
To me
predictions are worth shit... you can't tell what's going to happen to a person or the whole world
Ha-ha, silly Crimson
Oh Ryan
You and your screwing the laws of gravity...

Wait wut?
Oh, play it cool, here come the space cops, here come the space cops, space cops help me!