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Spire The Headgehog
Hiya anyone how is here for no reason! My name is *REMOVED'd!* and My friend is Bionic the Headgehog. I really think he should change his sprite 'cause neon green burns my eyes. -.-

I like ramen, and the television show Naruto. I like hiking with my dad, but I don't like school. School is evil and gives me less time to sprite.

Anyhow, I can also be extremly random when I feel like it. Thanks for visiting my profile.
Yeah right, I probaly just wasted 1-3 minutes of your life. ^__^
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Am I logged in, or is it an illuuuuuuuuuuuusion?!
Need... Sonic Next Gen...


Oh well. I'll probably just go hurt my friend untill she buys a PS3, then hide under her bed and play it.

Twilight Princess was pure awesomeness though.

Oh, and that Winter-een-mas thing, I thought to already infiltrated the government Shin. 'Cause I swore I say you at Area 51 on my weekly visit to the 'hospital'
I personally am suprised this didn't happen earlier, with all the pasta that guy eats. o_O

Villan monolaugs(or however you spell it) are stupid. IF any of them had brains they would just kill the enemy and walk away.
Hence the blue/blackness. He could have left there, knocked you out, then went somewhere else. If not, my next guess is Megaman from that jacked up MegamanZero game.

If they have scisors you guys are in trouble...
Even the text box shadows are shiny! I nominate Shin as the Ultimate King of Shiny Things!

By the way, I'm going to hide now so I don't have to clean up after 0.1 and the Jack clones.

And the recolor blood, but that is another situation.

EDIT: I hope that box-tape is strong...

Now, I'm not complaining or anything, bt when was the last tim you did a sprite comic?
o_o' Who would trade their brain for a cookie?

Maybe my house.

Or my DS.

Or my soul.

But not my brain! Then I couln't eat the cookie! Now hand over the pickles!

I saw a flash video about the guy on Newgrounds. It was very good, and this picture has the same style to it...
I know! It's.. um... ARG! I can't recall the names. It started with an N... Neko, Neo? Eh... *thinks*

EDIT: I remember, it was Nazo. ^_^
Star Fox should get an Xbox360.

*runs around in circles for no apparent reason*

The text bubbles look nice...
I don't think I'll submit a sheet though. But, YAY! Filler comic!
*raises hand also*
This, was my second thery.
Ihave to admit, I thought you were going to pull the Savior card...
I smell Savior Sonikku...
Robots have scents?