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im just an average chinaboy in singapore.
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    Kanta Goto
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im so sorry for not updating as much as last time><
kinda busy with exams and stuff so please enjoy this page ;~;
heyyysss im glad yu fans stayed on.. well at least didnt leave ;~; cuz im a slow updator... and a bad artist D:
i hope yu gaiz get how de story is going ;~; im a bad writer
heres a page! enjoy
! de first page of ch2 ! .. its 1:40am in de morning D:
im terribly sorry for uh.. de long wait i guess..
de storyline might not be clear from now on or yu might not get wads happening from each panel to panel cuz apparently.. de writer is too lazy *cough* busy to write it.. so im taking over.. sorry sorry!
heyy major style change and this page ends the first chapter of lovely stalker!

ilu yu gaiz who're reading this ;A; i really do!
I cant draw scenary for my life :'D

pretty late since i normally upload a page ystd.. or something.
Im sorry its kinda messy D:
cuz after drawing de whole thing i just noticed my brush is setted wrongly :T so yeah
i finally uploaded a page :'D

and its de whitest of all pages !

Aidan's patient no.192 in de mental hos C:
Hey, happy new year xD

im sure eu guys know sch is strting amirite?!

SO when it does, i can pretty much update 1-2 pages a week, sorry D:
@OrenjiMouse - S-s-s-stalking me? WELL. I LOVE EU TOO xD *hugs*

SO. a new page for everyone :D
btw let me ask in Page 7 do eu guys prefer the charas with hair shade or not like in this page?
Its pretty simple but.. I rly love eu fans outthere xD
I promise to do something for new year!

ty for supporting me!! QAQ
how was eur celebrations?!

well anyways, im back with a page :D
and a new style I hope eu guys like it xD
If eu guys have no idea wad Hiroshi is doing..
He was following Miharu and since she's in danger, he does the super slide and PUNCHES THAT GUY IN THE BALLS

IM SORRY before most of eu kill me..

I kinda went on an art journey since I felt my art was pretty bad and eu guys didnt deserve such bad art.. so I changed my artstyle and I'll be back with a page soon!

now eu can continue throwing me with whatever objects are near.
sry for nt updating ystd im kinda sick
lols and the arcade! miharu's in big trouble soon!

@AishaNeko - lols thnx anyway<3
@OrenjiMouse - sry its kinda confusing xD but its mainly Kazumi and Mika trying to cheer Miharu up by bringing her to a new mallsince Aidan gots taken away
oh urh. hai dar.
you updated! <3
those headcrabs are just adorable!
Yeah you should publish this, its really good and touching. I loved it! >w<
omg listen to the song dreh dich nicht um!! xD
woah lotsa sugar there. he gonna get high later?