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.:B A S I C I N F O:.
Hello you, I am known as Ketski, Kezzy, or Kez. First thing to know about me is I don't take shit or Drama.I'm pretty confident in myself and don't really give a fuck to what people think.I seem to make my friends laugh alot so I'm guessing I'm pretty damn funny at times. I'm a spaz. I can get pretty Deep into things if I know about them and if you ask me a question You better betcha ass that I'm gonna tell it like it is.:]I play my music loud when I'm alone. If you could find me anywhere it would be out on my front lawn at 3-5 in the morning watching the Stars or in my room on the second floor sitting on the window sill.I am very free spirited.
I love Wearing Beanies, Camo, stripped Socks, & Cuffs[Kandi counts too]I am an artist and a student of life. I am Independant and thoughtful so come Get to know me, I'm just Gazing at the moon.

I like:
Talking inatamit objects, Piercings,Tattoos, being alone in cemataries, drawing, writing, listing to music, drinking soda, Being an Insane insomniac, Talking to the voices, and some other stuff.
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It looks cool <3
HAHA I just added this comment to my fave it rocks meh ssocks man <3
Shes a beautiful color
Damn Iwas so close it was his odd kindness that threw me offXD oh well better luck next time
We forgive you =]
At least your not stuck at the airport anymore O_o didn't see any terrorist while you were there did you?

So I'm assuming the dude drake is poking around like a rag-doll is a dragon in human form?
Tastey XD
He's like wtf dudeeee
LMAO Yesssssss leave the crazy lady alone XP
December 5th, 2007
Omg Nana XDDDD Wicked awesome >D
October 14th, 2007

-cracks skull and walks away-
How do they hold their heads up?
Haha Awesome
Drake has awesome ears >]
September 23rd, 2007
More like...FLOaTING HEAD!
September 23rd, 2007
Giant smilies are no fun
+ fave
I love how it's going so far =] meow
I've done that once or twice too while I was drawing something like that.
I feel for you-- don't get sick =]!!!
We need to put a sign on that horse "Stay 15 million feet away or get your ass fucked up...BAD!"
Excuse the bad language plx