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I'm predominantly a writer/editor, but I do draw sometimes.
Have you abandoned this work? It was SO amazing! I found it again and cannot believe I ever put it down!
I totally love his logic. "We're like... twenty-four together." Epic. XD
Just bought it! Can't wait to see what I've missed so far. :]

The new page looks good!
With @Nail.edin on this one.
November 10th, 2012
@The_Hankerchief: Holy-- IT ALL MAKES SENSE.
Hiddy has the best family EVER. XDD
My immediate response:
"Oh fuck. D:"

Cannot wait to see where this goes!!
@Hryre: That doesn't actually mean anything. In fact, if I remember correctly she's not the mother of any of their children so... :/
HUGE improvement in page quality here. That background and even the character interaction is really working for me.

LOVE THE UPDATE TOO! I cannot wait to see more of this story~ AHHH~
@McBob (Guest) & @Silver Mouri (Guest) & @AbAbsurda: guys DO realize Everywhere is his STEP-dad.... right? He could have married the mom... a year ago. o__O;;
"I'm about to lose all my readers, aren't I."
You just might. I've been actively reading this for Hiddykins and Horus... and if I lose both in a single chapter I might just throw my computer out the fucking third floor. :V
@constant_boredom: Oh! Great scene to point out there. Just as we both said, he WAS originally seme-minded. It was just the circumstance that caused him to be in the uke role. Makes sense. (Other person I was talking to was making my head hurt...)

I second the motion of an epilogue to the epilogue! xD I would buy this as a complete edition if you ever made it.

I generally don't like weak characters regardless, and I think it makes it worse when so many storylines (or the readers) force a role onto a character because they assume there should be one.
That's why I liked this story. It tried to be a little more realistic in the fact that there was never any weak uke (even the "Princess" brother wasn't a weakling though he was constantly in the uke role). They each had their growing up to do and for the most part did it. :]
@constant_boredom: I agree completely with what you're saying. I never saw him as a weak uke or whatever anyway. I think circumstance just caused him to be in the "female" role when they were having sex. Also his lack of experience.

I too love the way he's matured and finally become more confident and secure in himself and his sexuality. Great job, Daeva-kun! Don't mind what other people say. :] I think this whole ending worked perfectly.

You also summed up my feeling completely with this statement:
"He never really felt like an I-am-weak-and-helpless-please-dominate-me kind of guy to me (That type of character is honestly one of my biggest pet peeves. And yes, I realize how strange that must sound since I read yaoi, which is notorious for all but bursting at the seams with that archetypical character type)"
Nicely done, Daeva-kun! I'm really glad you posted this here. ^^ Was so worth the wait~
@Robo123: Hi. Thanks for writing up a much clearer response. Much easier to read this time. :]

I get your opinion now, though I still don't agree with it. *I* personally haven't found nor seen many yaoi manga where the uke becomes seme and vice versa, though I know there are some out there. I personally don't care one way or another. However in this manga it almost makes sense (as I said about Ehukai being neither male or female and changing between both, sorta of makes sense that these roles you keep talking about can be switched).

I get your point about it being irritating when ukes and semes suddenly switching roles, and I even agree that it can be annoying when for absolutely no reason at all personality changes and the uke or seme character becomes almost like a different person. But once again, this switch would kind of make sense in this manga. It's been five years. I know it might not seem that way from your perspective, but even as Toshio says, he's learned a thing or two over those years. Matured. Gained some experience. I get that we have only seen him in the uke role throughout the manga, but somehow I feel like he was forced into or at least played the role because Ehukai was in super-lust-male form and also thought Toshio was a female. I think had Toshio been given the chance he might have tried seme role.

This is also my opinion. I think your original statement came across the wrong way to everyone. Plus as Daeva-kun said, if the pairing can work either way, why not? I certainly feel this one can work either way and should be able to. So what's the problem? Let it be.
@Robo123: Um... I don't quite know what you're talking about. So yaoi manga ISN'T supposed to have realistic moments? Are they just supposed to be unrealistic? Every single one of them? That doesn't even make sense. It's Daeva-kun's manga. If she wants to have a realistic moment in it, that's up to her. I, for one, enjoy actually seeing something that breaks away from the typical norm.

Also, *I'M* GAY, I have gay friends, and I have a partner. Granted I may prefer one role over the other, but we do switch if we feel as though we want to. I never said that there aren't some gays who want to always be passive or always be dominant. Of course there are! But that doesn't mean that these two characters are, and if you haven't noticed one of them changes gender depending on their mating cycle, so I'm sure Ehukai has been female at some point and thus in the submissive role. (And even then, perhaps he was still very dominant as a female??) I don't think you should get so caught up in "roles" and who's fucking who. That just doesn't make sense. Even in manga or yaoi.

This is mostly my opinion, but I do think that yaoi IS partially to blame for many people who DON'T know anything about actual gay relationships and for shaping many a fangirl into thinking that there are ONLY "ukes" and "semes" and that there NEEDS TO BE a set strict role to follow. Even in straight relationships there aren't even strict roles that every couple follows, though there are norms. But there are also exceptions (men who are submissive to women, women who fuck men, etc..)

And another thing, your writing is kind of difficult to understand, so in the future please read over what you write before you post it. If you are actually trying to get across something worth while, please take the time to write it out a little more clearly. I am *really* having trouble understanding half of what you're saying. :/
@Robo123: I'm just jumping in here because your argument just seems so... random. In many REAL gay pairings, both partners will switch as they feel comfortable. It's pretty much yaoi that creates this fantasy of "uke" and "seme" where a man in a gay relationship can only be one or the other. They can switch as often or whenever they feel like it. I'm also quite sure that Toshio had many chances to be in control with his other lovers so... yeah... .__.;

So what is the point of your argument again?
Dude this is sexy. BOOLSAJO FTW!

j/k j/k nice april fools tho xD (their art IS sexy omfgggg)
@Soen Kai: So excited to hear that a pdf version will be available soon! Can't wait! :3

And yet another AWESOME page. I can't get over how much you've improved since K-A-E. It's like night and day, yet the storyline has just been getting better and better.