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this account is embarrassingly old for me, haha, but i've been using it more to check out the webcomic scene again
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as one trans person to another, was the word "transgendered" intentional? i get that not all trans ppl are experts on gender or terms, and I can see that as a reason why Alexis would say the "-ed" vs just "transgender", but as a comic, there's probably a good chance there to use the right terms?

like, just bc it's still a really common mistake in general (since trans is a descriptor/not a verb, ect)
November 10th, 2011
Aaah, Marcos finally got put on the blog? <: cuuuute this whole comic just RADIATES cute and I love it ;v;
June 7th, 2011
Do you use copics? 'o'

By the way, I really like your style of faces, but the proportions are pretty off. You can see it really well here with his head being larger than what a child's would be. His arms and body are way too small. But gosh I love how you colored the skin. Anyway, critique is over! Wonderful job, this has been fun so far 'u'
May 20th, 2011
Goddamn I do not understand a thing yet but I still love this comic to death. I don't know why but the super grungy/abstract feel to it is so sdal;kj amazing. Please don't stop ;u;
Uhh, seeing how he's wearing spandex under that skirt, I fail to see the point of it. He could probably just go with the spandex. But I suppose being eccentric has it's price.
I just love this comic. So. Much. <3 I actually squeed when I saw an update, and I'll have you know that not just any comic can get me this excited. xD I just thought you should know that you're awesome and should never stop UuU
Holy shi-- Atty smiled. That just might be the cutest thing ever ;u;
September 19th, 2010
Ah, alright then. c: It's totally understandable for having a deadline. I thought this was a "just for fun" comic, in which I would probably be more demanding. xD But nah, for how often you updated, good job, guys. Hope you win c:
September 19th, 2010
A deadline? Is this for a contest or something? (I might have missed this info somewhere along the line)

Edit: Just looked through the comment history and I noticed Mr. Pringle is a troll, ma'am. The best thing to do would be to disable outside comments. He's just looking for a reaction from you, in a way that the world should meet his personal standards, like a child.
September 19th, 2010
I have to agree with Pringles Guy. While I thought the story was cute, looking at an anatomy book would have been helpful, and stylizing some eyes that didn't take up the whole face in width. But when it comes to these kinds of projects, graphic novels can't be judged by the just the story or just the art. I think if you ever decided to go back and redo this comic at some time with cleaner proportions, you might attract quite a few more readers the next time around.
I don't care if the author can read it, or if it's "harsh" to say I hate something. ._. If I didn't want anyone to know, I wouldn't have said anything. But Mirazie took my comment really well, which I respect her for, a lot. But yeah, I will unfav. I'm not turned off by the yaoi, I'm turned off because rape is being glorified as sex. It's not really a story that settles with me, nor do I want in my favorites, but good luck with you both finishing your story/comic nonetheless. c:;;
This has become the ONE COMIC I make sure to see if it's updated everyday ;A; a;sjdlf Iwannaseewhathappensalready
Is the comic going to take a different road than the story? I'm just curious because I read through the story and hated it. :c But you have a nice style, so while I'm kind of leery about what's coming, I don't want to unfav to find out it's not totally the same story.
You do know people could hide ads with the Ad Blocker add-on in firefox, right? Anywho, I'm going to go check out the new site~
Haha, you're welcome~ :D
I am EXACTLY the same XD
March 29th, 2010
I think the toning looks great, keep it up :D
Damn, I wish you were still accepting authors ;u; This looks like fun, I'll keep an eye on it :D
March 21st, 2010
This looks interesting. P: I love the backgrounds and the shoe in the last panel, but the leg on the cat bugs me. Maybe ref a pic next time? Either way, it's got my watch. c:
Oh dude, my friend went to Ohyoucon this weekend, too~ :D