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Sara Obscura
I like to draw and read comics.
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This whole page is really adorable. > u<

That last frame ftw.
I look forward to the next incentive.
They all make me lol.
Why are the incentives so amazing lately??
Haha~ I love the incentive.
Sara Obscura
December 5th, 2010
She's such a bad ass. xD
Sara Obscura
December 5th, 2010
*u* She's such a babe~!
I'm really enjoying this comic!
I love her face when she says, "I'm not even IN yet." xD That's great!
Ahh! So badass. xD
Lol, her face in the top left panel is amazing. xD
I love the layout of this page.
Owned. Can't wait for book 8.

Your rule man.
I would just let her eat me up. <3
Yay for having the same name! xD

Good luck with your college applications, I feel your pain. D':

Btw, I'm totally in love with Tyler Brannon!
Oh how adorable, she's so needy. <3

Alternate universes are always great fun.
Aww, how sad. Is this an epilogue?
What a sweet page. <3