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Ugh... I hate these things. I'll fill this in when I get the motivation to do so...
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June 22nd, 2009
If that's what Niki saw as she was rounding a corner, I think she
A) die. or
B) jump that kitten.
C) Have an intensive nosebleed and THEN jump Lor.
Psh, I would. hahaha....
Haha, I wasn't really suggesting what I said but I'm sssoooo proud of myself! hahaha, that's exactly how I pictured it! I'm pleased with myself now.. :D
Lemme just say that both of basically all of these thingies have caused me to CRACK up.

I think it's funny how Niki and Frou are basically twins as are Jak and Lor. Like what if they mistook each other from behind or something cuz it was dark and... yeesh.

You, are awesome.
So...bye. :D
I saw this page and I was like, "WHOOOAA, how many pages have I missed??" However, the crisis was averted after noting the page's title. ->(Random Pin-up) haha...
That is soooooooo awesome. Hm. Yeah. I... yeah. It's amazing.
Do I feel horribly bad for messing her name's spelling up now? YES. So sorry... XD