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I'm AiKa10. I LOOOOOOVEEEEE ANIME AND MANGA!!!!! It's sooo awesome, and I absolutely love drawing manga. So, whenever I get the chance, I'll start drawing!!
I'm gizumimipichu's older sis!!
My mind's always spinning!


And Your Name is...? - currently redrawing :)

Possible stories:
*"Doesn't Matter" - new title, "Don't Worry"

*In the process of drawing. :3
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Sal-chan, I have no words to describe how much...I LOVE THIS PAGE!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Make sure to rest every now and then, okay? Please don't work too hard!!! :)
April 25th, 2013
Demi is awesome! :)!!!!!
Something's bout to DOWN!!!!
So happy that you're back~ XD
I love Samsol! XD
I don't like it when people are quick to assume things, either. You should never judge a book by its cover. First impressions aren't everything, in my book. Chances are a person who appears mean may be the nicest person on the planet. :)
I flippin LOVE this page! XD
Tommy doesn't look too bad with shorter hair, but I'mma miss his long locks! :)
Good luck with your portfolio, Sal-chan!! I just know that you'll do absolutely amazing in the animation division!! XD I'm rooting for you!!! XD
And, another page that I love as well! Hotaru's so vain and selfish, lol! XD Poor Yumi~<3
And a Happy Belated Birthday to your big brother! Sending lots of luck to him~ XD
Hahaha, I can never stop loving the Hotaru/Yumi relationship! Hotaru's just so funny and Yumi has to take it! XD I love this page, Sal-chan!!!
@SSJayiela: Thank you!! :)
Awesome! Harold's invisible limbs are so cool! Now to learn the story to why they are that way! *waits anxiously* C:
I don't think I'll ever get over how ADORABLY CUTE Petunia is! I just love her!!! <3
@Airse: Thank you, Airse! :D I'm sure Jun was thinking that, hehehehehe~ ;)
Hurray, double update...sort of, lol! Hello all my wonderful readers!! I've had a bit more time to draw, and I'm taking every advantage to make a new page~ ;)I'm currently drawing the one after this one, and also the Thank you page as well. I hope that you all will enjoy this page! I had a lot of fun drawing this page, especially for Jun's adorable face and Momo's reactions! XD Hahaha~
Enjoy plz~ ;3
January 30th, 2013
Hi back at ya, Jazeki! :D Nice page!
OMG, her face makes me wanna cry!!!!!
Pips will always be in your heart, Sal, and he'll always be watching over you. I wish him a Happy Birthday, and a prayer that he has a great one. :)
January 28th, 2013
@salis: Hee hee, thank you Sal-chan!!! X3 I love my characters developing relationships, and I'm happy that I can make you smile!! o(^▽^)o Come to think of it, that meal does sound good, huh?? Now I'm hungry, too, lol!!!