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@maplebee: Some body loves their hubby! :3
March 27th, 2012
Yesh please do make a uStream That would be awesome!
January 13th, 2012
A Wiki?
That would be wonderful idea!
December 2nd, 2011
Bad Xu!!
Dude! You are bleeding all over the bed!! That's rude!!!
Poor Guy! :(
Nice! I envy her! She's hanging out, talking to the Overlord drunk, and I have to do school homework . . .grrrr
Awww how adorable! :3
Raven! You are sick!!! X3
My fav page :3
Happy Soltice with Lunar Eclispe!
Say Goodbye to Thane on Page 20

Yeah it is suppose to be a Lunar Eclipse tonight
but here in Wisconsin it snowing!

Also today is Winter Solstice the longest night and shortest day. After today day increases by a minute or so. Neat ain't it?
Want to follow Thane(you the reader, not Grace)? go to Page 10 (Posting next Thursday)

Continue with Grace go to page 33 (posting in the far future)

Two more exams and the I can start drawing Chapter 2 >:3
It's snowing!
(Just one step closer on Page 19 [posting next Sunday])

It's snowing right now! (Dec 12, 2010)

It's beautiful from inside of my house but not outside when it's blowing all over your face >:S
Mass Effect 3 . . .
(Learn more about Commander Shepherd on Page 6 [Posted!])

. . . trailer was released yesterday (Sat Dec 11) FUCK YEAH!!!! The released date is next year around this time! XD! I know where my money is going next year!

But back to this comic, Yeah I'm late again but hey two pages today!

I also went back and redid the speech bubbles on Pages 1, 2, and 3. Check it out!
Oh dear
Romance option: But what about us Thane? Smooch that chicken on Page 18!: (Posted!)

Friendship option: So I heard you met THE Commander Shepherd?! Ask on page 5 (Posted!)

I think I am spoiling you :3 I am so excited for this story I'm throwing in extra pages. The problem is because of school and life, I haven't started drawing Chapter 2 yet lol. So I need to slow down b4 this story gets to Chapter 2 be my pen does lol. My plan is to be a chapter ahead so I won't be late for updating. Let's make sure it stays that way >;3

Also Mr. Thane will be one of the romantic interests available in this story. There will be more ><
Thank you :3
Another Extra Page
Extra Page for you :3

It's been a while buddy, what's up? Page 17 (Posted!)

Um, never mind Page 27 (Posting in the future)

EDIT: For those who have played the game you might notice form time to time I will borrow in-game dialog lines from Shepherd and Thane. This page is a good example.


Dialog lines from panel 5 and 6 came form Mass Effect 2 game thus belonging to Bioware . . . but I borrowed it >:3
Find out what is going on on Page 14 (I have no idea when I should post this page . . .)


Yea I know it's a day late ><

I had way too much to edit yesterday and I just learned how to make speech bubbles Yay!

Now on panel 3 there is no screen background. Why? well every time I draw it it's crooked. >:S So I am taking a break on it right now but rest assured I will edit it in do time.
November 30th, 2010
Give us more!!!!
Nose bleeds are awesome
Go to the restroom on Page 4

I decided to be generous and add an extra page for this Sunday's update.

Also this comic will start off a bit mild but as the story goes on it will get less mild stay tuned!