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*trying to take over the world*
I struggled a bit, but still couldn't find a good way to introduce this bit of info in: His sword's name is Justice. Maybe I'll have a better chance in later pages.
I hope people know about Crazy Eights, more or less. I don't like having to explain game rules in a comic, it's a bit difficult to do without making the whole conversation sound unnatural. I'm still gonna mention every character's role, but I'm not going into details.
@Captain Ghost: Heeey, XD nice to see you again :D.

Well, the white: first I tried leaving white lines when filling in with a black marker. And when that doesn't work, I have a white ink technical pen (this kind of thing). It's really delicate and it requires a lot of cleaning and maintaining but it's quite nice to have. The ink it works with isn't waterproof tho, and sometimes the pigment lacks strength, and I can't make really thin lines with it, that's why I wanna find some Indian white ink, to use with a nib pen.
And finally, the main character! XD I really enjoy drawing him, but it was a bit of a pain to draw white creases on black clothes traditionally @.@
@Skully: Ahahaha, that other dimension you're on, I think I'd like to join it - must be hilarious in there !!
Happy Halloween!
And finally some characters!
Meet the Queen and Four of Spades!! :D
I'm not sure how obvious it is in this picture, but for the hooded figure I had a very famous game as inspiration source. Can anyone guess what it was?
hehe thanks XD. I thought I was gonna have nightmares with crosshatching as well from this @.@
And update is tomorrow - I'm working on the next page right now XD
Wine glasses @.@
This is one of those moments when I wanna take an oath not to draw glass ever again. Only to break it in the following pages :/.
Another cover for now. I promise, it's the last of them XD
October 28th, 2012
December 23rd, 2010
First of all, I'm sorry this is just a filler and not an actual page.
Secondly, I'd like to thank all of you for all your support and patience *super-hug* <3 and tell everyone that I'm not dead (despite the appearance), and there'll be an update soon... but after the New Year, cause of all the, you know, holiday business XD.

It's funny, cause just when I thought I'm back on track updating somewhat regularly, there comes this b**** called Life, slapping me one or two, going like 'na-aaah, you're not going to have your way' *insert evil laugh here*.

Actually the things haven't been half bad - I tried to take part in a little local contest with 4 pages of manga, which I didn't even win (meh, not that I care that much), but I did spend some time on them, and I'm gonna post them around here XD and link to them.

And after that, just I was trying to relax, came the second slap, and that was something really unexpected, but still good, although it rendered me unable to concentrate on anything. I won't go into detail, but let's just say that I let my emotions get in the way.
Bad.Out.Of.Control.BUTTERFLIES!!I thought they were dead T_T --> but that can only mean more material for manga characters. XD

So there you go, instead of an update, a filler with a lame story/rant. "enjoy".

P.S. - and of course I forgot to actually upload the damn image the first time... how's that for lame *sigh*

and here goes link to the said 4-pages comic that ate some of my time
October 26th, 2010
Awwww, cuuuuute <3 If Zack doesn't like a cute girl like that, then he's stupid >.< @Zack: Sorry, Zack, no offense. Just... you know, think about it XD
But I bet he really wants to protect her and keep her out of harms way :D
My nib joined the rebel cause. The page has been under heavy attack, suffering great damage because of the ink bombarding. Somehow I managed to save the situation in the end and surprisingly, one of the random blotches even helped @_@. But still... ZETSUBOU SHITAAAAA !!! (=despair)

--------------------------------[REPLIES]------------------------------- -

@Jazeki: @_@ Don't dieeeee, I'd rather have you alive !!!! XD I'm so happy you like ittt XD But I hope that the materials won't wage war against me again, they might kill me @_@

@Loom: *taking a look at Loom's mental image* OMG My own mental image about your mental image is pretty crazy/freaky LOL. I'll laugh at this for a thousand years to come XD XD XD

@haganekitsune: Thanks XD Myeah, Kat can be such a pussy sometimes (LOL, unintended pun)
Insolent nibs must die! XD

@Momiji: WOW @ the epic comment! I was kinda having a bad time until I saw it, and it brightened my whole day! THanks XD I'm really happy that you like the characters, there'll be more to come:D (I enjoy drawing male characters hihihi ^_^).
Raen (wow, you remembered about him! XD) is pronounced like rah-en (I suppose, I'm never sure how it works in english), I mean unlike the latin "ae" the 'a' is clearly pronounced too :D
Hey, never give up on your dreams! If you enjoy drawing, then do so by any means! XD Even I fail at times and I'm not always satisfied with the result, but as long as there's room to improve, I'll try my best XD
Thanks again for the support *hugs*, you really made my day <3

@unknown3rd: Oh, I owe it BDR for such a nice review she made XD. I'm so glad you enjoyed it XD It really makes me soo happy ^_^ Thank you very much for reading and support *hugs*

WHY didn't I know about this????? @_@


Awesome, zau asa
October 20th, 2010
Violet is cute!
I half expected her to feel for Zack, since Derek has Aura. XD It seems only fair :D I love their expressions.
The inking looks good :D and the lines are sharper, but you should just work the way you enjoy best, although you might like ink too, if you give it a chance and get used to it XD
October 19th, 2010
This looks so interesting, can't wait to see moooreeeee >.<
The art is very pretty, too XD
October 19th, 2010
Lovely characters and really captivating story!! I've read this in one go just now, and I kinda got used to see a new page after each click... and now T_T I was surprised when it stopped @_@. Updaaateeeeee >.<
Good luck wiht inking, I'm looking forward to it XD
October 19th, 2010
LOL at how he stole that speech bubble!!! wahahaha XD
I love this so far
Kat: If it makes you feel better, know that Keian is also reckless.

Drawing in negative was a pain. Literally (my hand almost died). I'll have to find a different way to do it next time, or step over my pride and do it digitally T_T

--------------------------------[REPLIES]------------------------------- -

@Jazeki: Thanks :D. He, um,... face five'd him? Kinda. >.< I skipped drawing the moment of impact due to various reasons...
certainlynotbecauseoflazynessandlackofplanning *ahem*

@Shiva: XD No, I'm just stupid (LOL). And stubborn :\. :D

@haganekitsune: Thanks XD. Well, it's just I have more experience with traditional work, and I really enjoy doing it so. :D

@Loom: Hmm Keian IS the possessive type, now that you mention it @_@. But, don't worry about that guy, he'll be alright XD (even I broke my nose when I was little and lived through it :P).
Thanks XD. Your words are so encouraging, I want to try even harder ^_^

Keian is pissed. And reckless.

And I am STUPID ---> Oh man, I actually forgot to upload the comic #_# >.< I know I am forgetful sometimes, but this is... just... too much TT_TT

P.S. - uploaded (really!)

--------------------------------[REPLIES]------------------------------- -

@Jazeki: You're spoiling me XD (is it OK if I get used to this nice tratment >.< ^___^)

@White Magician: There shall be... moooore! XD

@Shiva: Hi5 LOL now that you mention it... (I didn't even notice)>>> XD I didn't do it on purpose though (still rofling)

@Loom: And I feel MEGA spoiled by your comment (nothing new there though XD)I'm glad you like the page. I'm actually overwhelmed XDXDXD

@MayeIV: Face five! (never saw that coming XD)

@Pinguicula: Soon, soon :D