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Sorry for the long hiatus. TvT
La Fumee is back (I think...).
We will try keep it going from now... maybe we will recruit new members too since all the old ones are pretty busy. ><
In any case, plz enjoy. :'D

((next page will be me again, lol.))
I'll wait for the final version.
I will definitely buy them! ><
ฉันเปลี่ยนใจแล้ว ขอเตโชให้ชุ้น ส่วนเมธยกให้สนิทก็ได้ TqTb //โดนถีบ ฮา
เมธน่ารักสาดดด (เม้นอยู่อย่างเดียว ก๊ากก)
อ่านแล้วอยากเลี้ยงต้อย (วอททท)
โห ไฟแรงมาก แอร๊ยยย เมธธธธธธธธ น่ารักที่สุดดดด >////<

//เอาแมวและคุกกี้มาล่อ >:D
February 27th, 2011
ยืนยันคำเดิม ขอเมธให้พี่เถอะ!!!! ฮา *เอาแมวมาล่อ*
February 26th, 2011
ขอโทษที่สแปม แต่อยากclarifyว่าชื่อไอดีเต็มๆมันต้องเป็น >> Estrellaขี้เกียจlog in :D << โดนมันจำกัดคำอ่ะ T^T รู้สึกรับไม่ได้ ฮา
Ahaha, I actually kinda like the idea of Liam turning seme! XD First I really don't know whether to like it or to feel disappointed but the idea itself is somewhat amusing and I guess I did see it coming. lol.
Liam is still so cute though, despite the height. I think I also don't mind him being uke too. lol XD
Uwaa, Melody is so pretty! and so tall too! >_<,,

I kinda feel nervous for Liam about their encounter too... yet I also can't wait for it to happen! X3 Really wonder how Ed will react to Liam being this tall. It seems he is even taller than Ed now?
If it's me I would so fall in love with him too. ;w; *drools*

I think Constance looks really cute. XDDDD What a shame, Liam already got Ed! :'D
Awee, Liam is so manly in this page. I love it. X3
Playing House
Thank you for 100+ fans. :)

Just to remind you this comic is not fully BL yet. lol. Though most of our artists seem to be bending towards that already. haha.
RAPE? srsly? what kind of thought is that???? hahaha, my god. lol Put your glasses on already, Krit!!!!

Oh, btw. Thx for 100+ fans! ;u; I might be uploading a thank you picture tomorrow.
อุ้มมมมม แกวาดบร้าไรวะ มายเจ๊ดดดดดดดดดดด ติดเรท!!!! =[]=!!!! น้องกฤษติ์ คิดอาร้ายยยย

Lol, WTFFFF!!! hahaha. I can only say one word: "unexpected"!
Lol, was it becuase he was wearing a glasses? haha, this is so cute. XDDDD

Why are you so sure that it was his first time??? =[]=?
((okay... I'm not trying to imply anything here...))
December 27th, 2010
...shall be my next OTP~ TqT
This is just tooo cute~~~
I drooled at Jura's beautiful delusions. lol.
Liam's expression totally make me lol'd. XDDD

Sparkling Mr. Dove is so cute~~ ;w;
Where can I buy one of this? haha. XDD