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-taptap- This thing on?

Oh, well, yes. I'm Nova. Star Trek is love, and slash is fuel for living. That is all.
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Ahhh, holy shit, heart attack, don't ever do that to me again.
God, there's.... no words to describe my love for this page.
I'm gonna have to enter <3 No drawing talent whatsoever, so written, it is! Here we go!
Okay, it's official. If I had a dick, I would be Rory. No joke. We could be twins.
Damn, Dake, he's making you his bitch XD
I'm... so sad... I want more JoshxMetis! There is not an emoticon that I can use to express my extreme sadness! Trust me, I tried!
-hand instantly shoots up- Wait, um... -slowly goes down-
September 19th, 2010
I should be ashamed that I totally recognized what they were talking about... but I'm not! :P
That's sort of a little how I feel about gay/straigth alliances, as well, to be perfectly honest (please don't kill me). Which is why I don't join them. But DAMN, dude. Cold.
Everyone together now: awwwwwwww!
Awwww, Ariel's wittle face! <3
I am having many a sad faces right now D:

We all do ;.;

Or, at least... I do ^^;
Poor Ash. But then again...

Lucky Ash.
Ariel's like 'wtf just happened?'
I just laughed so loud, I think I might've woken up the neighbors.

But, man, I wish the sexiness lasted a bit longer D:
That's exactly how I act whenever I get into a relationship <3
-squeals with delight- Jesus Christ on a cracker, you are too cute, Ariel <3
I think I just had a heart attack. WITH LOVE.