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@milk+assassin: I kinda expected it to be Lunge. After all, he's athletic and seems more likely to be the bodyguard type...^_^
Pretty sure it's Lungie, he still looks the same and his character page has him in a similar outfit.
gosh! i hope you make the goal!!! on another note, i'm not sure if my donation came through...i hope it did...
Red S
April 1st, 2011
oh i agree that it better be a joke!!!

but yeah...kyandi's tears really get to me
Red S
January 12th, 2011
" herzchen...where are you..."

hey...isn't that the dress that kaden bought for lyle?? you know, the one that kyla forced kaden to buy for her...some peach coloured one piece...kaden bought another for lyle, in his careless/air-headed another colour...said that the colour looked good...
oO...gosh darn!!! this is gonna take a turn down south!!!
oO...6 page update...u are too good for me Azhrie-chan!!!

erm.. izzit me or is Kaden too daft for words?? Is he just plain cruel or just air-headed??

P.S...Dogstyle made me cry buckets too!!!
@raaawrkttyXD: LoL!! i saw the same thing. i was like wuut?? FUNCHED?? did ziggy make a spelling mistake?? then i read it again and realised it was FLINCHED!!
lordy!!!! i'ma sooo lovin this soo much!!! thanks for the vid; not only do i love the song...i also finally got what the brothers were doin with the German dialog( or izit lyrics??!!??)and all...


P.S. Google translate...helps alot...
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I can't stand the line 'your dick's not that small so stop acting like it is'!!!! It floored me the moment I read it
sorry that i'm such a dodo bird, but is the german shepard a female? i'm such a lush cos it kinda looks like it...