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Who am I? Are you sure you wanna know? If somebody told you I was an artist,....................... somebody lied!

Who am I, I am [insert whatever you think I am here]!!!!

lol =P
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Hahahahah this comic is just too much, very hilarious XD!!! I can't wait till we see adult link, that will be a blast lmao
hahahaha I was like asdfasdfasdf when I saw an update, but little did I know, it was a goodbye letter. Is ok, like Phoneix, this shall rise from the ashes!!!!!! one day, ONE DAY!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA >=D
Intense beginning 0.o
Me: "0.o!!!! I suck?!! bu...bu....but I drew you o.0!!!"

lol For anyone wondering(or who is interested), she is the main character of the story, Bella.

For everyone that follows this comic, I apologize for the lack of updates. I just been overwhelmed by a lot of crap and havent been able to draw(or rather not inspired at all). I hope you guys wont get mad like Bella there and have patience with me >.<
The end of the prologue =P
One more page and the prologue is done =P
Well, I was finally able to update. The prologue is almost over =P

Just so you know tho, he is not laughing >.> that is just the sound ppl make when they are gasping for air when they are tired.
I apologize once again for missing deadline last, college has taken over once again >.< ORZ

To make up for it, I'll upload another page tomorrow 8D
AAAGHH!!! I apologize guysfor not updating last week. I had to do a pile of projects for college and so I was busy, but no more =P

Ok so anyways, just like 3-4 more pages to go and the prologue is done. Then, time for the main character to makes it debut =P
yay updates =D

We are almost done with the prologue =P
yay Sunday update =D

Hope you peeps enjoy it. Next update due Saturday!
Things are getting a bit intense =P

Hope you guys enjoy it. I'll try to make a new page for tomorrow, but if not then next update due next Saturday.
Getting a lil ahead, Next update due on Saturday =]
And so the story begins(well, the prologue anyways =P)
Cover page of this comic. I feel excited now that I started working on this =]
Hey sup? Thanx a lot for taking time to review my comic. This comic was originally meant for a contest which required to make a oneshot, which explains why the story is only centered on Adam. I totally agree on that I should've stated and go a little more in depth as to why Adam hates cat so much. Saying he has been cursed or something I do realize that it is a very cliche and very cheap way to put it lol I need to work on that. And about the announcements, you are probably right, but the reason of why I did it, is because ppl nowadays do not read news ya know. Since I did not meet the deadline for the contest, I will redo the whole comic and apply changes to try and change everything that you pointed out. Again thanx for taking time to review, really means a lot =].
lol Niel and Ryan FTW!! XDD

Btw, I was wondering if I could get my comic reviewed?