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I'm male, 6"3, English and I read alot of webcomics.
And i'm an active member of Allan's Forum.
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    Johnny Degman
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"Johnny Deg Odd" or "Mikeyopeia Odd" or some unthamable-by-me level of oddness that is define as "Mildly odd" by the public.

...Is Brian single? ~<3
If I knew, i'd go to your house and molest all your belongings. Without your knowledge.
Oh it's monday. ;~;
With a girl? Since when did I become a girl, babe?
Drink a Stimulation/Energy Drink. Become unkilled.
Better yet, get drunk and PICS or it didn't happen. ~<3
Going to far would also be saying, alternatively; "Trash it all and give the babies to Johnny Deg."
Also, Lemons + Gold Clubs? Juice everywhere. Including your eyes. It's exceptionally painful and I reccomend you do it ASAP Jon, you sexy thang.
Silly dutch person.

Well me? I'm a Red Bull. MOO! >:D
It'll be a long distance relationship. The only PenĂ³r you'll come in contact with is your own, babe~<3

And I can make you really, really happy ;D
You can have a long distance relationship with me, babe. ~<3
She drew you with a very girlish figure. Maybe she's trying to tell you something.
Maybe she want's to passionatly kiss you.

Happy birthday, sexypants! You're getting older, less handsome and becoming a better artist! (Kinda, atleast) ;;>__>

Edit; Actually, come to look at it, you draw coloured hair really, really well! <3
Jon has a mom? I thought he came from an asteroid or something equally logical.
Happy JohnnyDegIsn'tDead day! :D
..Where are you in this comic? What's with the big number 7?
Well, you sure do love the beauty of my nature, John ;D
If yiou're hungry Jon, I have something for you to eat ;D
I hope you like English Sausage! :D
Or maybe your more a fan of English Muffin? ;D
I also have some white chocolate bars if you want! :D
Woah! You must really want me to stabby-stabby you! ;D

You mouth was completely closed off, you didn't want any of the massive amounts of pleasure to escape your body through indiginious moans! I love you so much, Jon! ~<3

Blitz is still hotter, though.
Ono, water! I'd better change lanes without signaling nor looking! Ono, water! I'd better just drive through this stoplight! Ono, water! I'd better weave close to those pedestrians!
Also, in Chester, MA, every drives fast and surprisingly we rarely have any problems. Rain or no rain.
No need to be a smartass, Nami. I was making a joke. like omg.