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I am completely and utterly insanely unique. I understand the supernatural, and I have a love for both dark and light things. That's about it.

Oh, and I'm a photographer. xD
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OMG Quinton... I come back and read this page every day just to stab myself with the amount of adorable on it. <3
SO CUTE! *0*

I have decided that Lord Aedh (at least for now) is my favorite character now though. <3 Something about really old old-fashioned polite vampires that are pretty just makes me melt inside. LOL
We've barely met the man, but I've decided Lord Adeh is now a fav of mine. C:
Simon is just priceless. That whole exchange between him and his father has me giggling. x3
Is Julius... floating? That'd be so cool if he was. But I have a feeling my eyes are just playing tricks on me. :C
It would be SO FUNNY if Jacob and Val really did end up falling in love, and Zadel's WHOLE PLAN backfired. LMAO
If you gets on the Skype this weekend, we can RO. <3 And chat, and help you feel better. Or just discuss Zadel being an ass and make RO characters for him and Abel and have many lulz at their expense or something silly like that. C:
I would love to see Abel and Zadel as the wicked witch of the west and the good witch of the north from the Wizard of OZ. LOL

I'll come up with more, eventually. C:
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

...Apparently it's far worse if that woman happens to also be a child and a king. LMAO

Sergio cracks me up the most though with his adorableness. xD
This is definitely one of my favorite comics that I read. I personally think you should continue with it, and just not worry about redrawing. I've heard from other artists that going back and starting over will only slow you down.

Still, before continuing with this, I'd definitely say concentrate on school and on finding that internship. Life is way more important than a comic, and we all understand that. After all, this comic is not going to pay the bills (unless you printed it?).

But I'd really hate to see you just stop it all together.
*loves you back hardcore*

Beautiful page bb! And haha, better swim fast Flounder!!! xD

But no bb, the page looks good! I laughed so hard at the comment about Arin being trouble. xD Hehe
Oh Arin~ Well on your way to more than just the bottom of the sea~
Ooooh! I see a scar and a bruise! =O What happened to Arin? D= Now I'm curious!
White and red, two of the best colours in the world. =w=b
It's so nice to finally see this page online bb! GANBATTE~!
ROFL, I love the can-opener zipper. >w<d
April 16th, 2009
ROFL. It's like my sensei and I when we're sick. We always get worried about each other, and then we're like "I'm fine, really, I'm fine" when asked if we're okay.
You better be careful Henry D: Although I have to admit... It'd be really funny if Richard attempted to murder Devril >.>;