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i pointlessly hope to win against an opponent with lasers.
I'm making a flappy bird template for my friend.
blub blub blub
blub blub
He is indestructible
recently got into disturbed...
@Royle McCulloch: why?
@Inferno: the former
old ver:
<img src=" uot;></img>
@Luxbot: It happens more and more the more complex your character design gets. back when lux had only three quills life was probably easier for you, but less rewarding.
also, thanks for the compliment :D
i'm going to kind-of be half dead around smackjeeves for a while. I'll only post every now and then. until probably summertime, lux, your half in charge of this place.
September 8th, 2013
what? can it be?
We're not dead!!
pretty much everything I've accomplished inn the past year and a half not including old things that were revamped.

C+C please
oh and choose one:
A, B, or start all over
the thingies on the right are old versions. the second is a dog. the first is horrible.
<img src=""></img>
sorry, you were right. fixed it.
slllloow and paainfuul.
And yet, no matter how different they are in personality, their eyes' color remains the same.
May 11th, 2013
@Zocky: he would be one to curse.
@Luxbot: yeah I got that perspective of lux after reading the ultimate tournament.
Glad your not mad he's dead now. :)
May 9th, 2013
Sorry for the late update, and for killing off three characters in one comic, but here you go. Those expressions took so much longer than they needed to.