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A rare update appears! Still, alive guys, just very busy. Not giving up till its over.
King wastes no time =) He's of the Just do it! mind set.
Oh, wow. Coloring similar panels is harder. Or more dull? Which is silly, but there you go =)
I want to get further ahead in this comic! There are some pages that I'm really looking forward to drawing =) But also, I need to sketch out the rest of the story. Its all written but not fully sketched out. I'd kill for a comfy cafe to work in.
So maybe one day, there will come a time, when I start a comic and keep working on it all the way through till the end, without other projects and things taking up all my time. Till then, we do the best we can =)
When given the chance, I will always choose to drama up the lighting. Its a thing.
@papierowybandyta: Yeah =) I'm the oldest in my family. I thought, time for a change.
I long to make pages faster. Imagine having time to work on personal projects and not having responsibilities.
@marvyn: I figure when you live in a fairy tale, there is more than one strange thing to choose from. Esp the Russian fairy tales. They are all extremely weird =)
I'm back but with no guarantee for regular updates.
I don't think I'll ever be able to keep a schedule.
Maybe if one day, I have so much money, I don't worry about bills. Maybe then I could choose a time to just work on one project and never have to be distracted. HAha maybe one day, but not today.
I usually have Saturdays and Sundays free from commission work, and I try to finish inking and coloring one comic page within those two days. It's not always possible =) This week has been good.
Despite all my good intentions, I have missed a few updates. Sadly the bills are taking over my life and after all the commissions I hardly have time. If anyone would care to support me on Patreon I would be ever so grateful! Get access to these pages early if you pledge a dollar =)

I find comics much easier to work on continuously, instead of a little bit here and there. Oh well =) on to the next page!
I am finally getting to to the part of the story I've been wanting to draw! The next few pages and then on to the first fun part!
Look it! Its relatively an on time update! Also, to anyone who knows anything about weaving or anything in that area, please charitably ignore any and all mistakes =)
So life has been keeping me pretty busy. I'm still going to finish the comic, just it might take me a while =)
I've been away too long. But my motto for making comics is "slow but steady" =)
What are the chances my next comic will be black and white and REALLY simple? This takes too long to make. D!A! pages were done much faster.
@Rindesei: Ahaha Ok that made me laugh XD I should draw some unattractive people.
My schedule has all broken down, not that I'm much used to having one anyway, so an early update!
August 21st, 2016
I love the use of color here and there! very intriguing, this page.