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January 24th, 2010
The battle presses on!
We're back from holidays and picking up where we left off. Updates every Monday!
November 22nd, 2009
Thanks for the feedback Moobyj - We hope you enjoy the next 75 editions as much as you've enjoyed the first 75
September 22nd, 2009
And they said it wouldn't last...I want to give my thanks to my fellow creator and artist friend extraordinaire BMB for all his hard work with this comic. We have heaps more on the way as we delve further into Ash's past and travel with him across the war stricken wastes with fellow soldier Trev. Stay tuned!
Thanks for the feedback
Thanks very much for the comments so far. We're happy to hear that people are enjoying the series so far. We've got stacks of cool stuff coming up shortly so stay tuned!
Coming up next - we'll see how AJ joined the fight! Hopefully it'll start to give you an idea of how he was seduced by the sparkle of duty and fired up by the prospect of GLORY!
Language, language
I know we took the mature warning off this comic, but I do apologise for the use of the f-bomb. I'm not a fan of swearing just for the sake of swearing, but I'm hoping the dialogue that we're using here reflects the mindset of these soldiers - a quickness to anger caused by the seething unhappiness of the war.