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Yeah I know my username is lame. It would be Malliya if I could change it, but what can yah do~
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February 24th, 2011
LOL this page is terrible! xD
Lots of copy and pasted line art, its a rather un-important page and I just wanted to move oooon. :B
Stupid castle walls... I'll come back and edit you one day! *shakes fist*
February 22nd, 2011
Wow I am on a roll! 8D
Although I know I should be stockpiling these pages and updating on a schedule, I really cant help but submit as soon as I finish. xD

Thanks to the new fans by the way! Getting my fans back up to 20 really gave me a confidence boost. <3
February 19th, 2011
lol surprise!
This page was simple and the expressions were hella fun to draw, so I finished super early, ha ha!
Comic needs more silly faces, maybe then I'd be more motivated to update. xD
February 19th, 2011
Oh gosh, this comic is beautiful! I really enjoyed it! It felt so nostalgic, like finding a book I read as a child.
February 19th, 2011
Late as usual! I did the whole page in one night though, so at least now I know I'm capable of finishing it quickly once I'm into it!
Also, I think I'd like to try a new font. I like this font that I'm using now, Augie, but it doesn't allow bold, italics and such. Whats a good common default comic font, other than comic sans?

I got a classic comic font and switched it. It looks much better, but I still cant to bolds and italics, so suggestions are still open. xD
Oh my gosh yessss!
When I saw him on the train last page I was hoping for the conductor character to reappear! <3
Wow I kinda forgot I had a comic for a few days there lol. woops~
ANYHOO, for the 'dress them up as their opposite gender' part, I just yoinked the outfits from when I gender bent them. xD

Rubin - "My balls yell abuse!"
Mrs.Black - She looks good in anything. xD
Mr. White - Leggings are a bit too... revealing on guys. ._.
Uzu - DINOSAUR BOXERS! 'nuff said
Dinofish - ...I wouldn't dare put him in a dress. *shudder*
Froggy - He's just, self-conscience. He'll get over it when Dinofish pats him on the shoulder to tell him its alright. xD
Philipe - SHAME!
Yamato - Whatever bro, this lets me show off my abs. *flexes*
Tetra Girls - The resemblance is UNCANNY! (the character is called C Viper, google her)

Suggested by - VAMPIRE1LADY
SO, for some reason I remembered the next suggestion being gender bender, but I was wrong. It was dress as opposite sex. HOW DID I GET THAT WRONG?!? xDDDD
I guess it was selective hearing or something, oh ho ho~ <3
I'll still do the other one as well, so this is an extra. :D

except for maybe the Tetra Bros. SCREW THEIR COLOURING! D:<
My apologies for the lack of updates! Twas exam time, but now it is done with, yaaaaaaaaay~
ANYHOO! Here is the next one of these strange little requests Ive been doing!
I knew I couldn't leave it uncoloured, but I'm also not very good at the whole selective colour things. So please excuse the whole sporadicness. xD

Suggested by: Hat Tricks
Eh he he, this was fun. xD
Don't forget to tell me if it's too small or hard to read, I shall fix it POST HASTE! :D
As usual, Mr.White and Mrs.Black are my faves, you can kinda tell ha ha. I love those little pervs. x3

Suggested by Chibilisous and backed up by KITC~! <3
Sorry for the wait!
At least I gave it a good PUNCH line! BADUM TISH *sitcom laugh track*

Suggested by: AppleJuicy
January 19th, 2011
>Quickly make a wooden pick axe, mine as much stone as you can before nightfall, and then spend the night crafting various tools for the next day. *thumbsup*

I know I said I would try and ink the next few pages by hand, but I decided I'm gonna keep up with the digital stuff.
Inking by hand is fun, but how am I ever going to improve my digital skills if I don't practice.

Also I just realized that this comic is on page 10.
How the hell did the story develop to this scene in ten pages!?!
I wish my younger self knew the term PACING back when I started this. >:T
Ah well, once I settle down with a consistent style I'll probably just re-draw the first few pages, looking forward to it! ^^
OOPS! I forgot today was monday, I almost didnt update! Not that there's a schedule or anything, I just wanted to update today. xD
Moooooore crazy Rubin. And the over-dramatic Tetra Girls! What do you expect, they're show girls! xD

Also I said that I'd show you guys a photo of Julius when I got one, and I got a partial shot of his scales here:
I know its not a proper shot, but its the closest Ive gotten to a decent photo of him yet. x)



@ForestNinja1 - Shame about that, but yeah I guess you shouldnt rush it! I did get some new species waaaaaaay after the tetra girls, but the new only new fish before that were just replacements after a resident died. D:

@Fang Shinobi - rofl, SWIM FASTER! Oh whoops, thar be some glass walls. :/
Sorry this page took longer than usual to upload, the Tetra Girls are hella annoying to colour. :B

Yeah I know the whole 'angry Rubin' routine is getting old, but I REAAAALLLLYYYY want to emphasize the fact that this guy is not normal. Those threats he's making, are not empty. xD



@ForestNinja1 - AWWWWW I'm so sorry!!!! ;___; *hugz* It's always sad when a pet dies, fish or not. u_u

And my tank was about 10 gallons. When I started getting fish I didn't know about the whole 1 fish per gallon rule, and I just kept on putting fish in. Dx Luckily all the fish I chose are either small or just kinda cling to the side of the tank and don't get in each others way, the only ones that swam in the actual open water were Rubin, Uzu and, Mr.white. And now of course the Tetra's, but they are tinnnnyyyy
what is this

EDIT- I changed their hair to red with blue streaks and their eyes to dark red, it looks muuuuuuuuuch better. ^^


The tetra girls are supposed to be like show girls, not strippers, don't get the wrong idea. xD
They sing and dance~
The tetra girls are Neon Tetra's! Here's a picture:
Last page for 2010!
No biggy, but I just wanted to update one more time~



@Fang Shinobi - Ha ha oh nooo BL~ Yeah I'm not too keen on it most of the time.. but I guess Ive grown accustomed to it over the last few years. I still don't like it when its just mindless making out though, its just porn then, not a romance! D;
And yeah, the frog really did follow the pleco around, it was weird, it always hanged around the giant fish but ran away from everyone else! xD

@motherdevampire - Thank you, will do~ <3
These two are probably the closest we'll get to BL in this comic. Well.. except for that one page later on. xD


@ForestNinja1 - Baby shrimp! How precious~! >_< Wont your other fish eat them though? D:

@doody_machine - lol! toilet paper? That's pretty humiliating for Rubin! xD

@Hat Tricks - YEAH HIGH FIVE FOR FIRST BUBBLE NEST! 8D I remember when I was a kid I tried breeding my Betta's, but it really is a hassle. You need to move the female to a different tank after she lays the eggs because they male will kill her. And then when the fry hatch you need to move them to a different tank before the papa eats them. And then if you haven't found owners for the fry before they grow up you'll need to separate them into their own tanks, that's like 20 tanks depending on how many males you have! @_@
Froggy is afraid of everything. When I first got him and released him into the tank he swam around so frantically that I thought his lil' heart would burst! xD
I forgot to add a photo of the species like I usually do, so here's Froggy's species! He is an African Dwarf Frog and here are 3 photos I found off of google, I couldn't choose just one cause they are all so cute!



@Hat Tricks - My bro used to have a bunch of lil' turtles when he was younger and they always got out of the tank somehow.. we'd find them dried up under couches and stuff, it really was horrifying! The cat seemed to enjoy it though. xD

@Fang Shinobi - Awww frogs in the house, that sounds awesome. I wish there were wild frogs in my house, they would eat all the spiders! ;__;

@doody_machine - I wish I could say he likes you back, but he's kind of an asshole. ._.;
I noticed I had 50 fans so I HAD TO DRAW A PICTURE YES
Sorry its kinda crappy, it was rushed~ =u=;
Left to right, Rubin, Julius, and Orin (who is not in the comic yet but you can see him in the homepage banner~)
The '+' is for someone who might fave the comic after I post this and for my fans who don't have Smackjeeves accounts, I know of at least one~ <3