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that prob hurts alot. i wish you the best.
thats quite a bit of work. is there any special reason?
What, people thinking i was you too? yah, that was kinda annoying.
Which one? the king arthur that turned out to be an illusion or Merlina gone all evil and whatnot?
Are the super emeralds different from the chaos emeralds?
Thanks Shinigami-san! :)
Is that who i think it is?
Very much so.
I found that one just fine. What I can't find is the comic that crystal is referencing when she says, "but you weren't the only one to hear something you didn't like while we were there."
What did she hear exactly? I forgot and can't find that comic.
Yeah I learned the bit about merlina AFTER I posted the comment, hey cut me some slack, I've only played til about beating knuckles. And Caliburn is the same as Excalibur, Caliburn was just the older name which got turned into Excalibur through a translation error between french and english.
@Lugzburg PS I win
I have now played black knight, it rocks. and I was right about the arthur distortions, Sonic's sword is Excalibur and Arthur is the Black Knight. But even more than that Merlin is a GIRL?!?!? WHat's up with that?!? And worst of all the have Nimue and the Lady of the Lake be the same person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! Wrong Wrong Wrong! NO! NO! NO! NO!
She does have that ENORMOUS cannon after all, but that would injure the robotocized SHadow so she probably won't.
It would be funnier if they were green.
And why cucumbers, thats random.
No I'd use a compound. And how big is the limit on avatar size? And what is the average size?
You don't use a shotgun on sheep, not very effective.
It could be either, I'd be more weirded out by the fact that it has two tails.

Also these sheep were very special sheep, they were the sheep raised every year to be sold as Passover sacrifices. So these were special sheperds.