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I like video games, pokemon and comics.
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I red all of the comics but... will we see Van and Veemon again? well, I guess not Van.
I love donuts. and this comic. °0°
turtles °_°
me loves turtles 0_°
I WaS ReAdInG In ThE ShAdOwS FrOm ThE bEGgInNg, WhItHoUt PoStInG CoMmEnTs...
I will never cease to like this comic. do you have a webcomic manic lopunny? if yes, i am sure it suck's kuz your a sucka.
my power!
that is my power!
file:///private/var/tmp/folders.501/Cleanup%20At%20Startup/ImageReady/TargetPre view23/poke%20madnesse!.htm
or if you want
click on this one

or on
I need you!
click on this link please!

<img src=""><br>C reature Name: morrow<br>
Level this creature up! Click Here!<br>
I don't now how to join poke mutate r us
( if it is possible) please tell me if i can and how.
please, anybody
i have a request. can you do a celebi mew and manaphy fusion please? thx
can you do a mewtow,articuno and magneti fusion?thank you or not!
September 9th, 2010
haaaar...0 fans..oh!1!..o no,it's me...
make me sleepy...
all the new ones(me)loved this comic because of you.thank you.:"(
ze revenge of all the cookie ho az been
the ckake version of leonards will win!!!
can you do florizar+nidoqueen
it's not a KINDA werd!!! it's...her...kinda strange...
a wicha...
it's to cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!