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Those eyes T_T all the pretty-things. So pretty.
September 3rd, 2015
Well hell, look at him, he cleans up real well.

Beautifully drawn, Sheil. :)
December 23rd, 2014
This has been a gorgeous and beautiful story from the beginning. Thank you.
This is so absolutely gorgeous. I have no words.
I second Quinis on this.

Though Beth did say she didn't want to see him until he understood what V day really was about and no two way of celebrating that day.. than on that day.
@Notation: Aah.. well that's most alright, thank you for the quick answer! It's lovely honestly.
Musical Font
I do have to ask and I apologize if it's been asked before.. but the font you use for Devoto on this page, with the lovely notes on the o.. is it, as it is, a font proper or is it a modification you've done?

It is honestly lovely. If it was a font I would give plenty to be able to use it, permission given as necessary, of course.
Wolves yes, but if, like a lot of us out there, you're not from the states, neighbour is as good as neighbor, as is neighborhood and neighbourhood.

Lovely comic, by the by.
Canukia!... err.. yeah. Where we sleep in Igloos year round? Well almost. And that's all you get outta me. I'd hafta kill ya if I told ya more.
You know folks, it's not because it's a BL comic that you'll all die if you can't read the sex scene. Sure it's an added bonus but that's about it. There's more to life than yaoi sex scenes, even if they are quite delicious. There's a plot behind it all and that's what should be most important.

This comic is gorgeous, the art pulls you in.

For those who say they can't buy the book because they're in the states or don't have a credit card: Through paypal, the currency gets transferred to your own when the payment is done. I don't have a credit card and my back account is linked to paypal. eChecks take a few days longer to clear but it's worth the wait.
Sort of looks a little like a mix between a Doberman and a Great Dane. Oo; well drawn though.

long time reader, first time commenter. Nothing else to say!