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I have fifteen years and I make comics but don't post them.
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Write me down for Quiksilver, please.
I'm sorry for not making a more detailed review! It's not one of my strong points haha.

But I can totally help you out. Not to be a Malakite, but the Japanese themes found in your comics are found annoying to readers when the setting is not in Japan itself, but you didn't to it too much so it's just a little detail.
The storylines you came up with don't seem too original, and the Halloween one was kind of hard for me to follow. I think you should try showing different lights of your character to keep it fresh.

(As an artist, I have a tiny bit of advice for you as well- round the noses and sides of your faces. It helps a lot!)

Please don't think your comics were BAD, because they weren't. As I said, nothing in this comic was bad.

Sorry for being absent, I had an operation.
Hopefully it's fair!

This one was hosted by my character ViciƩ, the personification of smoke.
I saw this on dA..
I love Noodles attacking Blue! At least that's what it looks like.
January 23rd, 2011
Sorry, I know it came off as pretty rude, but I was just checking.
January 22nd, 2011
Dead Like Me is the name of an old show that I think was around in 2005 about a girl who died, then became a grim reaper. I don't now if you've heard this already, but maybe it should have been looked into first.
Taking Curt & Tony, unless someone else asked for it.
I'd just like to say that I can't update anytime soon. I have an operation comic up and I have to travel out of the state early for pre-op, so I'll be very busy, not to mention, away from my computer with photoshop. Cheers.
Awesome! I look forward to what'll happen in the future.

And I'm sorry for disagreeing with Steve.

The score is much lower than my level of appreciation! If that helps. Also, hopefully someone likes my new header.

So, yeah. Detective Tarson. What a piece of work.
Oh, I'll be taking Detective Tarson.
@ Blitz: yeah, but it seems to be more of a "what I find funny in my mind" deal, which is the same as a random comic. I don't know why it was asked to be reviewed either...
@ Petah: Well, he did ask for a review.

I know this wasn't entertaining, but I'll work on it. Feedback appreciated!
December 31st, 2010
I just realized it says "Shatterband" on his shirt.
You are the coolest.
There haven't been many positive reviews lately..

But once I get my own comic started I'll be sure to request a review.